Are we in the middle of a spiritual war?

Are we as human beings, being bombarded continually, as in a state of war, in the spirit world, and could the war on the outside, actually be a mirror of what is taking place on the inside ?

Are we as humans, being pulled between two opposing forces?

Could this be the explanation, to what is actually taking place on planet earth?

Its pretty hard to fight an unseen enemy.

For most, it is far better( so they think) to rationalize that enemy away.

In other words... to deny his existance.


Because of unbelief.

Also, because, if they do acknowledge that there is actually an enemy that opposes all mankind, on planet earth... then, that will put them in a place, where they have to believe in the existance of God.

Then, if they allow themselves, to believe, that there is a God, the next thing is that opens them up to the fact that this God, does in fact, exist, and also that he has a will, and that it might require drastic change on their part, if... they allow any of this to enter into their thinking.

So, the most obvious thing to do, is to deny... the existance... of God... and of Satan.

This way, they can continue on their merry way, live their life, the way they want to live it, and not have to answer to anyone... except themselves...

Christians, for the most part, are willing to believe, and change accordingly.

Then... they have to engage in battle with their adversary, Satan.

The outcome of that, is how well they are equipped... with the tools that God has given them.


The key, being, MY>>> Gods own.


Is this Gods will?

If not, what can be done about it?

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Yes it does.
Someone attended Sunday School class yesterday!

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This sounds similar to parts of the speech Pope Urban gave when he was calling for the Crusades.

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Utopia... your Sunday School Class sure did cover an awful lot of territory...

yesterday. :)

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