Is the media burying the Obama Pastor story?

Just saw some media research - it indicates much of the main-stream media is burying the Obama Pastor Story - Do you think those reaults are accurate ?

Answer #1

I know its not where I live I just flipped through the news for abpout 25 minutes and saw a clip of the speech or of the reverand or people dissing on obama and balck churches many times it seems to play in a countiuce loop. Does anybody know about the last pastor who said inflammatory statements was white and didn’t even get much news coverage…

Answer #2

Yeah, the story of rev Wright is all over the place, it isn’t being burried anywhere.

The story of McCain’s spiritual advisor televangilist Ron Parsely hardly gets any ink anywhere. To me Parsely’s bigotry against Muslims, Catholics, and Homosexuals is every bit as unsavory as Wright’s sermons.

As I see it neither Wright nor Parsely are running for president. This is all just muddying the waters.

Answer #3

Don’t forget McCains accepted endorsement of John Hagee. No press coverage on the fact that Hagee called the catholic church “The Great Wh0re”, an ‘apostate church,’ the ‘anti-Christ,’ and a ‘false cult system’. Nor when he said the people of new orleans got what they deserved because they were sinners. These are the stories being buried, but a non-story like Obama/Wright is all over the place.

And amblessed, how random can those thoughts be if you posted the same thinkg twice.

Answer #4

I don’t know how anyone can say it’s being buried, when nearly every human on the planet is already aware of it regardless of whether or not they follow the news.

There just isn’t much to the story, so it’s drifting off the front page.

Answer #5

3/25/08: Hillary said today: “He would not have been my pastor,” - “You don’t choose your family, but you choose what church you want to attend.”

Answer #6

After watching the Obama speech today (3/18/08), I have some Random thoughts:

  • He stated previously that he was not present at any of these inflammatory sermons, yet today said ‘I was’.

  • Previously stated he wasn’t aware Rev Wright was ‘controversial’, yet months ago the reason he gave for canceling Rev Wright to give the prayer at his entering the race announcement was ‘some of his sermons are kind of rough’.

  • His wife is middle-aged, yet she states ‘now is the first time I have been proud of America in my lifetime’ (not exact words but close).

  • it is common for people to judge people by ‘the friends they keep’

  • I find many of Rev Wright’s views frightening for many reasons.

  • it seemed to me he was saying in the overall tone of the message - whites are racist / African-Americans are not.

  • he seemed to equate what Rev Wright said with what Geraldine Farraro said.

  • he remembered what his Grandmother’s views were from childhood, yet not more recent views of Rev Wright.

  • seems to me if you genuinely believe for 20 years he did not notice / figure out what was coming from that pulpit - how can one come to the conclusion as President he would have the ability and awareness to recognize bad judgement, execute due diligence, and be able to accutely discern matters - be an effective Leader of the Country.

  • He is selling himself as very different from Rev Wright, he refuses to totally separate himself.

Again, these are just Random thoughts I had which I think merits ‘food for thought’.

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