Has anyone heard of a fat cheerleader?

am I to fat to be a cheerleader r ??? my friends say I am

Answer #1

dude your not fat… how much do you weigh???

Answer #2

okay sweetie, first off you need some new friends because real friends don’t tell you that your fat. if I had friends like that, I’m sorry but I’d drop them and get some new ones. and yea I’ve seen fat cheerleaders. so if you want to cheer go for it. and ps: from your picture your so not fat

Answer #3

I am a cheerleader! and there is nothing that says a bigger girl cant cheerlead that like saying a blonde cant do math! its just stupid! most of the cheerleqders in my school are bigger because they are stronger! it is all muscle! I don’t know where you go to skool but your friends seem really stereotypical…I wud cheerlead because you will make stronger and better friends and you will have the time of your life competing and believe me you r not even close to being “fat” I think that you shud do it and forget bout your friends opinion!

Answer #4

what the f*ck??? if all cheerleaders were 95 pounds and were 5’3, who the hell would be a base? no one! they’d all just give up on doing stunts and go grab a diet soda together. please!!! you need to be strong to be a cheerleader, not skinny! all of the girls on my squad weight train regularly. you can’t do that if you’re starving yourself because people said you needed to.

Answer #5

thanks thats good advise xxx

Answer #6

your not fat your body is still developing & will keep changing through out your life, some children while ugly as a child have blossomed into hot sexy girls & it also goes the other the way around good looking to ugly thin to fat, fat to thin so just wait. also if your friends say your fat they aren’t real Friends, it shouldn’t mater to a true friend if your fat thing had two heads 5 legs & 6 arms.

Answer #7

you have the perfect body! if you got any skinnier you would just look extremeley bony and sorry but no one wants to see a bony cheerleeder! hehe. I woud really consider getting more supportive friends as well! cheers!

Answer #8

I doubt for one single second, kay, that you really wonder if you’re fat. You know the answer to that question already. That’s like me asking if you think my hair is blonde.

Answer #9

Well, by the looks of it your not fat.

here’s a funny story for you I’m in the dark crowd, all of my freinds are goths, and emo’s, me I don’t dress like a prep, I don’t act like a prep, But I’m not exactly that dark, I’m me. All of my peoples hate cheerleaders, and cheerleading. I thought about joining becouse, of my prior experience in gymnastics. All the prep’s said I’d be really good at cheering, my freinds started acting weird. They, said I was too fat, or too ugly. I changed my mind about cheering thought becouse it interfered with soccer. Oddly enough, they went back to calling me a skiny b*tch, no they weren’t being mean, it’s a compliment to me and they know it too. :) Later I asked why they did this they said they didn’t want me to be a cheerleader.

they could be like that or they could be morons

Answer #10

is 60kg to fat to cheerlead?

Answer #11

You dont look fat in your pic!

Maybe you are average and they are unhealthily skinny?

Answer #12

u are NOT fat…get new friends…or just kick all their skinny as$es

Answer #13

your a little kid dont worry about that know and plus people that call you fat are not friends

Answer #14

yez I have seen a fat cher leder~!!!y your a cheeerleader and yur fat or what?>

Answer #15

that is ridiculous. you need new friends.

Answer #16

Friends? Those aren’t friends…

Answer #17

first of all your pic doesnt look fat & second of all what the hell kind of b*tch friends say that?!

Answer #18

You arent fat. if they are saying that you are fta they arent really your friends get some new friends and have some self esteem.

I’ve never seen a fat cheerleader but your not fat so no need to worry.

good luck x

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