Any buddhists out there?

I'm starting to slowly slip away from my religion [buddhism] because a lot of things aren't making sense to me now that I sit and ponder about it.

If any of you are familiar with this religion, you should know that we believe in 3 places people go when they die.

Bad people - hell
Regular people - reincarnate
Good people - nirvana

Well...what is the use of the alter and like how we have to sit and bow and pray and present the spirits food like for our ancestors if they should be in one of those 3 places? Does it mean that their spirits are just wandering the earth even yearsss after??? It doesn't make sense if they've already gone away like to the next life and you're still sitting their talking to them.

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From what you've described, I'd say you're right that it makes no sense. If it makes you feel better, there aren't any religions that actually do make any sense.

They're all man made and irrational.

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Have you ever read the Bible? How about been in a Christian Church?

There was a time, not too distant ago, when I felt like you do. I was searching for the truth, so I went to about a dozen different churches one right after another until I found what I was looking for.

May I suggest that you do the same? It may help you to understand Christianity better and it might even surprise you too.

I'll pray for your situation, and that the Lord will lead you into His truths.

Blessings ~

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Although I'm not Buddhist, I do know that many beliefs and practices have become a part of Buddhism that originally were not, but which were a part of the cultures that Buddhism spread to. The beliefs you mention, about praying to ancestors, was one of these, especially as Buddhism spread to China and other East Asian cultures. Originally, prayer in Buddhism was more of a chant.

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hello my name is sam I live in england I am 43 been practising buddhism since 26 ,have found this web site today hope you get this mesage ,I was anarchist six seven years before enjoyed life lots ganga motorbikes etc beer whiskey um great but where was it it going well I read book buddha in daily life by richard causton ,and have been practising buddhism of nichiren daishonin 13c japanese sage since.our practise revolves around chanting nam myho renge kyo in the morning and the evening look up ,,,or for our lay society webb site our buddhism I belive is 21c buddhism ,I still belive in anarchism but that me I still like motorbikes and whiskey and motorhead ,but im deeply happy and know I can change my life ,my karma , whishes mate ...sam

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Are you willing to die for what you believe?
Do you have proof for the stuff you believe?

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CHRISTIANITY?? I don't believe in God. Sorry.

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nopes ... I realy dont know what I am right now

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It just struck me as funny:

When an atheist answers a Christian's question, many times we'll be told that we shouldn't butt in and try to take people's faith away from them. But let some other religionist ask a question, and those same Christians will happily jump in and try to deconvert them from their faith.

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