Antic Cafe?!?!

What is the bands story and is bou a guy? Why did he leave antic cafe?

Answer #1

okay, you will also always here the word NYAPPY!! I love this word. but what it means, is for you to figure out on your own!! It’s rather simple if you just listen to them talk. :)

Answer #2

oh!! I forgot to mention… When Jrockers kiss, it doesn’t always mean they’re gay. I promise that!!! For sure!!!

Answer #3

OH!! and one more thing, I don’t like Yuuki and Takuya, so I don’t know much about them. If you watched the interview with them, and it said one may be gay, I don’t know if that’s true, I won’t watch anything with them cause I love my Bou so much!!! <333

Answer #4

HA HA!!! Yes!! MY BOU!!! Oh and one more one more thing, if you aren’t used to japanese celebrities, they always act like this. ALWAYSSS!! Except for Sadie… they’re kinda a little too serious about everything… but yeah. And if you notice Miku screams in everthing!! He loves to yell!! YEAH MY MIKU!!! <333

Answer #5

Can you tell me more???

Answer #6

this is my favourite video of them if you’d like to watch!! They’re so crazy!!

I love my Bou!!!

Answer #7

Yes, Bou is a guy, and he left because he wanted to fulfill his dream and the band was not it. I know tons about An Cafe!!! I love them so much and I miss my Bou-Chan!!!

Answer #8

about the band are they all gay? or just bou or mike too? I want to know! And are they on limewire. I saw one of there videos and now im obsessed!

Answer #9

probably fake subs or something. none are gay.

Answer #10

sure!!! Okay, about this??? or what do you want to know about them??

Answer #11

I herd one interview that one was gay,

Answer #12

ok and it was a typo, I suck at typing

Answer #13

They never broke up. who came up with that idea anyway? And the band’s been hinting that Yuuki may be gay, but no one knows if they’re just teasing him (like they’re reasing Takuya about being small and cute) or if it’s actually true.

and I think yumiyukai is too hard on Yuuki and Takuya, like most people are. COME ON! give them some slack! it’s not easy trying to fit into a new band and develop their own style when all cafekko hate them and just compares them to Bou, who’s long gone.

Yes, it IS sad that Bou left, but glaring daggers at Takuya isn’t gonna help it! He’s gone, and he’s not coming back. And Takuya’s at least as skilled as Bou on guitar, and he started in the band at the same age as Bou was when he started the band, and already at that age, he managed to play most of An Cafe’s songs, where Bou had left his personal touch! and have you heard An Cafe’s earliest songs? Takuya plays much better than that! he is talented and cute, and even puts up with all the negative comments about him not being Bou. They didn’t hire him so he would be another Bou, they hiered him so that An Cafe would get a new touch!

and then it’s Yuuki. Have you ANY idea about how many times he’s apologised for the bad fist appearance? he may be a little bit weird in looks (only because he wants to have a little more private life) but in personality he has a complete An Cafe spirit.

…I should stop now, shouldn’t I? THAT’S what happens when I get frustrated with people. and for the record, I mean every little detail I’ve written here, BUT I am still a devoted Kanon-fangirl, Takuya or Yuuki aren’t even on my top 3 list >_> THAT’S how angry I am with the anti-Takuya&Yuukis

with love Forever Cafekko

Answer #14

after a while yuki and takuya will start to grow on u yuki looks so much better without his wig and glasses and takuya is just plan adorable

Answer #15

When j-rockers kiss each other they aren’t gey, its fan service. xD

Answer #16

ok to seseja= yes people shouldnt be hard on takuya the needed a new guitarist&&that but for some odd reason people just don’t like yuuki, I mean I don’t hate yuuki or nuthing I just don’t like him that much for some odd reason…

to yumiyukai= I love yhoo yay a big big bou fan like me! and know much

roxyrumble= to get infomation of the band members you should check out this site it has info on everyband member even bou yayness

ok think thats all I wanna say

miss yhoo bou ~chux

Answer #17

hi I was just reading and you said an cafe broke up recently is that true or have the already gotten back 2gether and wer you talking about the break up with bou or a new 1

Answer #18

I’m obsessed too!!! You should check out their movie!!! anywayz None of them are Gay!! They’re are an Oshare Kei band!!! They dress like that cause of their Genre. Besides, Bou looks great!! in his pink and black skirts!!! XD And his name is MIKU not MIKE!!! :) Miku is the singer, Bou is the guitarist, Kanon is the Bassist and Teruki is the drummer!! I have a whole playlist on youtube with them. (about 44 videos) that’s if you want me to send you a link. maybe you can know them better like that. Okay, when Bou left, Takuya replaced him, then they got another new member Yuuki who is the keyboardist. No one likes both of them. Oh, and the worst part… they just recentally broke up. and yes, they’re on limwire. uuuhhh… I’m lost now, I forgot what I just said. Anything else?? want the link???

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