an cafe please

can someone tell me more about bou and An Cafe please? I luffies dem to death but I dont think I know everything. anything you know is helpful!!!

Answer #1

hahaha I don’t know it just had a feeling of that and you never know he could be sectretly gay lol jk my principal at my school looks very gay and when I say hes gay my friends are like hes married then I say,”good cover” lol

Answer #2

two of Bou’s favourite colours are Gold and Black!!! ha!!! I sure thought it would’ve been pink and black as much as he wears it!!! :)

Answer #3

they go to Harajuku a lot!!! I feel like a stalker… I’m not really!!!

Answer #4

Cafekkos is the nickname for all An Cafe fans!!!

Answer #5

ha ha!! just click on a member!!! or Bou’s name…

Answer #6

you mght know this but if you didnt bou is a guy

Answer #7

oh yea!!! and they’re all straght!!! even my Bou-Chan!!! <3333

Answer #8

no I dont mean hes gay no no no its odd but some people are born the wrong sex but straight its odd because if they do change it THEN there gay but I dont even know if he feels like he was born the wronge sex

Answer #9

ha ha!! went through this the other day!!! Antic Cafe’s my favourite!!! I love my Bou!!!

Answer #10

eh, if you want more info, you may have to ask me the quesion directly… I may not know the answer though. ha ha!!! we can’t know everything!!!

Answer #11


Answer #12

Miku can’t speak english very well… and he can do magic!!! but it’s not very good…

Answer #13

Locked: Leaving it here for a reminder


Answer #14

I think its kind of odd when he said “I was constantly repressing the feeling that was growing steadily bigger in my heart” thats the kind of thing a person says when they where born the wrong sex

I don’t know its a hunch

Answer #15

Bou’s the most awesome member of the band??? :)

Answer #16

Oooo!! the lead singer Miku’s b-day is in 2 days!!! he turns 26!!! Bou’s b-day is September… 16 if I remember right!! Kanon’s I beleive is July 7.. or just sometime in July!! and Teruki’s b-day is in December!!!

Bou’s the guitarist Kanon is bassist Teruki is drummer!!!

Answer #17

Oooo, I thought of something!!! they’re all around the age of 25, Bou’s 26 though!!!

Answer #18

And another!!! They’re an Oshare Kei band!!! Bou left about a year and eight months ago. :( The new members, Yuuki - key boardist and Takuya - Guitarist (Bou’s replacement)

Answer #19

o(≧∀≦)o this is the Nyappy symbol!!! you have to figure out what Nyappy means on your own!! it’s not really that hard though. just listen to them talk!!! and please don’t use this sign everywhere. it’s the Nyappy symbol, and that only. the more people who see it, the more will copy and use it. then it will eventually no longer be part of Nyappy, but a cute smiley face. Respect the Antic Cafe!!! :)

Answer #20

and nyappy!!!

Answer #21

Teruki (drums)

Birthday: December 8th, Sagittarius Bloodtype: A Hobbies: Reminiscing while listening to music

Food you like: There are a lot Brands you like: Pearl, PAISTE Colors you like: The sea in Okinawa, emerald green

Cigarettes: I don’t smoke. I hate them. Perfume: There are a few refreshing kinds with the image of the feeling of a gentle breeze on a sunny summer day Shampoo: LUX Piercings: left ear-8, right ear-8*

Message: Life is full of various things, but if it rots, it’s a waste. Because I will be doing my best too, you also should do your best.

*He used to list the following piercing also: nose-1, mouth-4, belly button-1, nipple-1, and left ear was 9

Answer #22

Kanon really loves his toy Piyoko a whole lot!!! and Miku loves Donald Duck!!! he can even sound like Donald!!! ha ha!!! and he can make really weird sounds!!! and he LOVES to scream!!! or yell!!! His handwriting is pretty bad… sorry Miku!! his drawings go from good to bad… Bou’s drawings go from bad to good!! Kanon is just plain good drawer!!! :)

Answer #23

Takuya (guitar)

Birthday: February 9th Bloodtype: A Hobbies: Baths

Food you like: Fruits Brands you like: Gibson Colors you like: White, black, red

Cigarettes: I’m a minor Perfume: Nothing in particular Shampoo: Lux Piercings: none

Message: Nice to meet you. I’m someone you can’t rely on quite yet, but I will do my best with all my might so please support me.

Answer #24

info on bou

Birthday: September 16th, Virgo Bloodtype: O Family: Dad, Mom, older sister Hobbies: Sleeping

Food you like: Pork rice, rare cheesecake, Japanese style pasta Brands you like: Paul Smith Colors you like: Black, gold

Cigarettes: puff, puff Perfume: It’s a Bou original… Shampoo: It’s gold radiance! Piercings: left ear-1

What you’re thinking about recently: The roots of my blond hair… Goal for this year: Meow, meow.

Answer #25

Kanon (bass)

Birthday: July 5th Bloodtype: O Hobbies: Walking in Akibara*, walking in Naka

Food you like: Chicken ramen Brands you like: Vivienne Westwood, Kadokawa, Kodansha, Shueisha Colors you like: Black, purple, gold, silver

Cigarettes: Castor Mild Perfume: CK-one Shampoo: Fino Piercings: one

Message: Can I quietly make my counterattack? The kind of technique I’ll use…that’s secret information. (Ha)

*I know he likes Akiba. I saw him there. ^^

Answer #26

meaning he’s gay??? I know a few people who’s known an cafe from the start. they know tons more than I do, and they all say he’s straight. and I’ve never seen anything that said he was gay… and this magazine he was looking at… gay guys don’t look at that kind of stuff. I’m pretty sure he’s straight. :)

Answer #27

yes!!! he wanted to live his dream. the band wasn’t it. he felt that he was lying to the band by being with them. so he left :( I miss him soo much!!! but hopefully he will come to realize that the band was his dream all along!! and if he comes back and Yuuki and Takuya are still there, I will actually try to love them!! but seeing them now makes me think of Bou and I just feel so sad. :(

Answer #28

Miku (vocals)

Birthday: January 5th (It’s strawberry day!) Bloodtype: A Hobbies: Cooking, guitar, shopping, bathing

Food you like: Ramen, steak, sushi, Hiroshimayaki, tondon Brands you like: LHP, JACKROSE, BLGALI, Justine Davies, ROYALORDER Colors you like: Black, White, red, gold, silver

Cigarettes: Pianissimo 1mg Perfume: QUASAR Shampoo: Kur for colored hair Piercings: four*

Message: It’s nyappy o(≧∀≦)o Miku. I always recieve energy from the cafekkos. Thank you. ☆ I also want to become someone who gives energy to the cafekkos. Let’s come to have a king-like life together.

  • Miku used to list his piercings as: left ear-6, right ear-3, mouth-2
Answer #29

I don’t know bout that either. I do know why he dresses like that!!! one, it’s an Oshare Kei band. it’s the style!! there has to be one in the band who dresses like that. two, I think he may like it, and tons of jrockers do. TONS!!! even my Hyde and he’s happily married to a woman with a son for years now. three, he looks ten times better in skirts than he does in pants!!! :) in my opinion!!! and in japan, they do a lot of odd stuff. you see straight guys tounge kissing each other all the time!! GO YAOI!!!

Answer #30

yes!!! I luv him!!!

Answer #31

yumiyukai do you know why bou left I searched the web but nothing.

Answer #32

(´ーωー)=З cough

Answer #33

heee heee I know where you got that from!!! roxyrumble!!!

Answer #34

Yuuki (keyboard)

Birthday: August 29th Bloodtype: ? Hobbies: Collecting watches, seeing the puppy at the pet shop in Roppongi on the way home from a club

Food you like: Sweet food, spicy food, sour food Brands you like: D&G, BLGALI, ROLEX Colors you like: Gold, black, silver

Cigarettes: ROSE Perfume: Febreze Shampoo: Vidal Sassoon Piercings: one

Message: Hajikemashite* and hello. I’m Yuuki ☆ My appearance is like this, but I have a hot heart that loves An Cafe! I’m still inexperienced, but I won’t lose to anyone in determination. Because I’ll be doing my best, take care of me!!

*I think he’s making a pun. Hajimemashite means “nice to meet you” and hajikemashite means “to snap or flip” so it’s a joke.

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