What are the answers twilight a.r. test

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I don't know read the book and it should be easy...

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yess. im reading it too and I was wonderinggg???

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I cant really remember it was so long ago.
have you read the book?

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well I watched the movie and I also was reading the book as I was watching and the movie is like the book but of course as always the book does have a few flaws but you have to admit if I were you guys I'd do the same take the test. and I'm sorry I don't have answers but I am looking 4 the exact same thing: ANSWERS 2 THE TEST!!!

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listen you jack-asses,give us the real answers for the damn book.If you have the answers then tell us.If you're planning on taking the test and giving us the answers then do it,but I must warn you.If you're going to give us the anwers,THEN DON'T GIVE US THE FUCKING LETTER NEXT TO THEM!Give us the actual phrase.For example,A.Billy.IF THE ANSWER IS A. THEN TELL US THE PHRASE!I know because all test have the letters mixed up!For example,D.Billy or C.Billy.I hope you're happy I spent 10 fucking minutes writing this.Thank you,and have a nice day sigh,Don Chema Ballesteros.

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