How is the best answer decided on funadvice questions?

Answer #1

Depends on how many people click on the like button the most if that’s what you’re asking

Answer #2

Yep, see I just “liked” Kat’s, and it’s the best :) If more than one person has the same number of likes (like if someone else gets one), the most recent moves to the top. Simple pimple :)

Answer #3

Yes, but there’s several questions where more than one person has the same amount of ratings, but there is one answer that is flagged as the best answer

Answer #5

Yours was the most recently rated. Here, I’ll post an answer to this question. Like it and watch me move to the top…

Answer #6

I think that happens if that one answer was liked right after the other one it gets moved to best answer

Answer #7

I just liked phrannie’s answer, but it didnt move to the top?

Answer #8

This answer is to show that I will surpass Kat whenever someone likes this once, just because I got most recently rated.

Answer #9

hmm weird, didnt work with phrannie’s answer in the other question

Answer #10

I’m thinking that ratings stop after 24 hours…nothing goes through on that one and it is a day old. IF you test any new questions though, that’s how they work :)

Answer #11

ah, thanks :)

Answer #12

Ratings go on forever

Answer #13

Then there is an error in the system of some sort because if you go to rate something on the link Ty posted, nothing moves, nor do any new likes show up. I noticed that on a recent question though…it was asked maybe three hours prior. Does something stop when the asker rates someone? Or perhaps do the ratings happen and just not post to the question?

Answer #14

Ah, case in point: I just tried to rate emma’s answer there, and nothing posted. The question was only asked 7 hours ago, so I don’t know what the issue was.

Answer #15

Tested that again with Janna’s answer…she was 40 points before the rating and she’s 40 points now. I smell a bug mister…sniff sniff sniff

Answer #16

There could be a bunch of factors:

  1. You can only rate up to 3 things per question
  2. You can only rate one “thing” at a time
  3. A “thing” did not have enough points
Answer #17

Ah, the three things per question would be it in that case for me. I didn’t realize that. Ok, you’re in the clear for now.

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