how far should a 13 yr old go?

how far do you think a 13 yr. old shood go wit a boy,do you think they shood get fingered or boob sucked,tung kissed tell me everything and every opinon that needs 2 b told plez

Answer #1

When your 13 you should be thinking about a relation ship with a boy/girl. im 14 and I lost my virginity at 14 it was the worst experence ever but I still moved on to having sex with another boy just like what shortygrl sed dont let no one to pressure you to do what you don’t wanna do. & also at yur age you might thinking about having sex. the most you can do is get fingered or get eatten out. I hope I helped :D

Answer #2

I personally dont think 13yr olds shud be having sex or doing any of that stuff. I am 16 1/2 still a virgin altho I have done other stuff but only since I was about 16 only 3 of my close friends have had sex and all with bfs and 2 of them were only in the last few months after being with the boy for over a year each, the other one did it when she was 14 after being with the boy for 2 weeks however they were then together for 6 months but she says now that she regrets it. and I have another friend who hasnt had sex but has done LOTS with a lot since her first major boyfriend when she was 14

children, because thats what we all are really, are thinking they are grwon up too soon, I feel like I am ded old fashioned however it wasnt that long ago when 13yr olds still played with dolls and people didnt lose their V until they were 18 or older and that was “normal”.

Also I can already see the differance in society in just the last few years. I have just finished yr 11 and I can remember most of our yr group when we came in yr7 we were still really “young which is rite seen as you are only 11”. I didnt start wearing makeup properly and well until yr10! and now I can see yr7,yr8, yr9s with peroxide hair and orange faces, you’re all growing up too soon. I have a little sister who is only 6 but I cant imagine her being so grown up so soon, it wud break my heart, it alredi annoys me that she asks for make up for her bday and for xmas! She is guna be a real stunner so she wont need make up anyway and im guna make sure she doesnt grow up too soon

so I dont think you shud be doing anything. and if 13 yr olds do commit to sexual acts at least be in a “serious” relationship not just your at a party

Answer #3

I’m 14 and I think at the age of thirteen it is DEFNATLEY wrong to plan sex. most people regret it. my sister got pregnant at 14, and she now has two kids and lives in a coucel house at the age of 18, she hates it, he hasnt been to college or university, she doesnt have a job, and she didnt finish her last year of school. some of my friends, the same age as me, have done way too much stuff, sex included, and thats with some-one way older than him, and he’s been pressuring me and myboyfriend (whos already had sex and he regrets it) to be doing things, me and my boyfriend have been together for over a year, and it feels like lately EVERYONE is pressuring me and forcing me to have sex with him, it’s hard, cause I’m still a virgin and he’s not and I feel ridiculous and pretty much like a wimp, but I’m not ready, we’re both only 14 I told them. My boyfriend understands completely, due to his experience which he was pressured into as well, and said we can go at my pace, but he told me that by now he’s of usually expected handjobs and fingering, but he can obviously deal without it until I’m ready, today I came close to being fingered, but at the last minute I hesitated and said no, cause I need to think through it more. do you think I’m doing the right thing so far?

Answer #4

im 13 myself and let me just say that sure were young and yes we wanna try new stuff and sh!t but no matter what do not have sex at your age. you should have sex at 16 if anything. if you really want to do stuff. go ahead and do it but make sure your not going as far as sex. too young. if your too stupid , make sure you use protection. if your boyfriend or whatever is forcing you F**k him off! have pride in your self and dont go to far.


Answer #5

How far do I think a 13 year old should go as far as sex is concerned?

How about a cute peck goodnight?

Why on earth would you want to go any further? Oh, I know, you want to make the guy happy eh?

So, if you ‘love’ a guy, you do whatever to make him happy, regardless of your age? WRONG! so WRONG!

Sex is far more than the physical stuff. There is the emotion that comes with it and regardless of how ‘mature’ you think you are at 13, you are NOT emotionally mature enough to get involved in sex and the stress and baggage that this can often bring with it.

Guys will say they love you and will dance like a puppet with a feather up their butt just to get between your legs.

Wait until you are emotionally mature and you find a guy you really love and more importantly, one who loves and respects you for who you are and not one that goes running to his buddies about what sort of sordid sexual act he has persuaded to to participate in.

If you don’t want to listen to my advice, listen to others on this thread.

You don’t have to get involed in sex just because your friends may be doing it. Having sex with different guys is not like collecting stamps.

Dont go and ruin your life and possibly get a reputation for being a slut. You are worth much more than this.

It is your body, respect it. Dont just give it up to make some guy happy.



Answer #6

this is my opinion btw im 13 aswell

if you and him both want the same thing you share the moment, but if he wants it don’t let him pressure you and vis versa(u want it don’t pressure him)

I have gone as far a a wank with a boii and he has fingerd me and we snoged and kissed and so on, we have never had sex because his mum conceved him at 14 and he does not want me to be preggers at the same age, I can wait because I love him, also 13 is a very unstable age, say you did get preggers he could leave you, your perants could kick you out,

you will loose out on education-GOOD THING wrong- yOU DO NOT WANT TO RAISE A KID AND YOU OF OF CHILD will end up prbs workin in mcdonalds lol

Answer #7

well im 13 and my boyfriend is 10 years older then me and you guys are going to say that he doesnt love me he only wants one thing its not completely true he has fingered me and ate me out and asked me to give him head which I did but hes different anywho he did want to have sex which we sorta did except it hurt when he was trying so I made him stop it hurts so much so dont do anything im sure as hell not going to tryh it again it hurts so bad especially with someone older causse were young our bodies dont fit a size his age xo be careful and if you do use protection we got caught in the m,oment and almost gotme preggers

Answer #8

a little bit of kissing is good just for now. im almost 15 & havent done anything more really. your to young to do anything & you dont want to get a bad reputation. if your with someone and they want you 2 do more , and your not ready.. they obviously only want one thing from you. have respect for yourself & your body girl! goodluck chick.x

Answer #9

im 13 and I’ve done everything.. and it doesnt make any difference..

Answer #10

mmm.. 13.. damn… I don’t know I woul say tonge kiss…I dont think its any smart to have intercourse or anythin like that at 13…

Answer #11

at 13 you dont know wats going on shouldnt be into nothing because he doesnt have what it tak and she does have the taken. lol

Answer #12

Not to be mean but the fact that you cant even spell words right I don’t think you should be doing anything @ 13 even if you could spell,were not all the best spellers.But I had sex at the age of 13 and it was the worst experience of my life.DONT EVER LET A GUY PRESSURE YOU OR YOUR FRIENDS PRESSURE YOU INTO DOING SOMETHING.I know your curious and that is normal but I think a kiss on the lips, a peck is way more than a 13 yr. old girl should be doing.Respect yourself and save that for when you get a little older.Before you know it if you do that you’ll be having sex and trust me.Sex is NOTHING but awkward until your at least a woman.Like 20,21 it depends on the maturity.It’s a proven fact that girls your age who do those things have lower self esteem and set lower goals and expectations in their life!Don’t be like that, you deserve way better.Your body is a temple okay!I hope and pray it isn’t to late but if it is and you feel ashamed, don’t worry, I did!, then it doesn’t mean you’re a horrible person.Just live and learn.Life experiences.Use it to help another girl!

Answer #13

ok so I am 13 and I have been fingered so I guess that’s as far as you SHOULD go. but thats my opinion. and whn you say we aren’t in serious enough relationships…youare wrong. people can be ask mature as they let them selves be.and be as in love as they can get. most 13 year olds ARE craZY and foolish and I admit I am pretty crazy too, but we can do what ever we want. it shudnt matter on how young I am. you choose what you do. no one else can choose for you. there are things you should do and things that should be waited on but it really doesnt matter if you do them or not. it’s not a law to not have sex before marriage right? its something a lotof people frown on. but people do it anyways.

Answer #14

Take it from someone who has friends who’ve gone too far. My best friend who is younger then me I might add, decided to give this guy a blowjob even though they’d gone out a million times and he’d always broken up with her. so being the a** he is, he dumped her like two days after. when you’re 13 pr youger, you’re really confused because you’ve recently or still are experiencing puberty and you want to try new things because you have a lot of hormones. It’s lust. As far as 13 I’d say making out and feeling up OUTSIDE the shirt but nothing more than that. wait til you’re 16 or 17 to get serious.

Answer #15

the only thing boys ur age are thinking is ways to get into ur pants (Sex)

Answer #16

that is the best answer i have read, now you’ll probs be same age as me then.

youve seriously got fingered, i havent even made out with a boy yet.

but i suppose it can count on wether your family has brought you up differently from another family and where you live.

Answer #17

do what you want, and are ready to do !! x

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