Kids are so mean to me in school

ok the kids in my class are talking about me and not in a good way they are saying that I am weird and a retard and I have have to put up with 8 more weeks of this and I really want to move schools but when I get into a different grade I know there will be more important people to me but the kids now will still be there and I think they are the reasons I may have anger issues and used to cut myself how do I put them off

Answer #1

You know what they’re saying is not true - it’s up to YOU whether or not you allow it to ge to you - keep your head held high knowing it isn’t true, walk on with a smile and a great attitude - the only misguided joy they get out of it is seeing how it affects you, so show it doesn’t - they quit…I wish you the best !!

Answer #2

no dont EVER change who you are hun there is always a way to fix things if they are bugging you telling a teacher may make it worse so really just ignore them words really start to lose effect after a while ont hing I’ve known too work is insult them back but before you do think of hat you are going to say and say it in a sweet calm tone and keep it and they will get angrier and angrier but YOU stay calm then eventually they will stop but if things star to get physical like it did with me ya know people beating you up for no reason because aparently you are wierd and they dont want you in their school see I know what it like it seems you are gin through the same thing I did and to solve my problems I started taking school online it solved every thing and its free just go to this site and read about it it helped me a lot with this stuff sincerely ian

p.s. and yes it counts as a real highschool you still get your diploma and everything

advancedacademics . com

Answer #3

if epople are bothering you, move schools. you will make new friends, and it will give you a chance to reinvent yourself if you want. trust me it is prbably the best things for you. oh and dont cut yourself, it doesnt solve anything trust me, besides school will one day be over for good and you will prbably go out into the world and really be something. you never know.

Answer #4

are you happy with yourself? because if you love youself they you dont let other people get you down pay no attention to them there worthless, and so are the words that come out of there mouth dont take them to heart learn to laugh them off and love yourself for who you are!

Answer #5

Some kids are just really immature and they should be ashamed of themselves. The word “retard” is very offensive to some people and shouldn’t be thrown around like that. Theres no point in switching schools, especially with only 8 weeks left. No matter what school you go to, your going to have to deal with those types of people. Its all part of growing up, you just have to avoid them as much as possible even though its hard sometimes. You should tell your teacher so she/he will move you to a different seat so they cant talk to you, just tell you teach the situation. Things like cutting yourself aren’t going to make bullies go away, you just need to learn to deal with bullies. As you get older, bullies start to go away and then usually they drop out because they don’t pay any attention to their education.

Answer #6

Your in school for cryin out loud, I was the scum-bag at my school everyone thought I was a loser and did drugs because of my long hair and metal-t-shirts. And I did get bullied around a lot by jocks I actually wound up getting into fights with a few of them and earned a little bit of respect. If you stand up for yourself and show them your not going to take any of there crap they will gain more respect for you.

And plus once you get older and you get out of highschool and your out on your own things will be a heck of a lot different. All the guys I use to get into fights with at school are actually nice to me now? which is wierd. You’ll run into all your old class-mates everynow and then once in a blue-moon and you will say hey whats up? and catch up a little bit then move on with your life. They will start treating you like an adult instead of kids being kids to eachother. Thats the only reason your getting picked on is because your still a kid and there still kids. Just wait till you get older things will be a lot different trust me.

Answer #7

you should find some way of getting back at those retards. show them that you aren’t afraid of them. then they’ll leave you alone. they are just bullies, and bullies are weak.

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