Dreamt about girlfriend getting shot?

Yesterday I had a dream aboutmy girlfriend getting shot. Then last night I had a dreamthat she held up a store. She's the nicest girl ever so I don't know why I dreamed that she held ups store. So she went to jail in my dream for however many years and she got out and came home and her brother had died while in the army. But her brother is really young. But instead of putting an American flag over his coffin the put a Russian flag. Then her family moved to the woods because they didn't want anyone to know that he died. Then I moved out with them and her mom was about to tell me something when I woke up.

What does this mean?

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Tell your girlfriend about the dream, have a good laugh , and forget about it.

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first think of what you did and watched and you really care about your girl and she is on your minf most of the time so of course she is going to be in her dream and you love her if you dreamed about her parents it happen to me and my x but it was her mom and uncle dont ask but I might be that you dont want nothin bad to happen to them and you want to always want to be with her and you like her fam.

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dont go to sleep with the tv on... just turn on a radio

the last time I fell asleep with the tv on I had a dream that I had a little bother, my mom drove a school bus, and my dad's girlfriend killed my little bother, thats just part of it some of the detail where very weird.
for one I'm an only child, my parents are divorced, and my mom works for a company that makes dvds for fox, and loins gate

and if your tv wasnt on then it just was probly like mine, it meant nothing

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