Can animals see "ghosts" and "supernatural beings" ?

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Yeah supposedly they can

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Yeah, better than humans can.

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Oh ,, Well my house is haunted (like seriuosly i really is!) and for a while my dog has been staring at nothing and barking at nothing and she was doing it like twenty minutes ago to like something behind meh and it was really weird .

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You never know. She could be seeing something especially if you know the house is haunted

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Yeah, animals and small children. My house is haunted as well, by the way : \ No joke.

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So you know what Im talking about Connor . Half the time I'm scared out of my mind cause of these people . I fell down the stairs a year and half ago cause I saw a man at the end my hall way ! They scare meh but they are nice to meh sometimes to .

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Go look at my status update and tell me about some of your experiences! I'm really interested now :) I'll funmail you after you post on my status update about it. I wanna talk more XD I'll tell you all about the ghosts in my house too >.>

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i wish i could that would be awsomez :D

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-i always thot they cud..why jus yestarday my dog was barking at air like somthing was there.

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my house is a 98 year old doctors surgry and im gonna do a sayonce when im 16 to bring the doctor back Tehee cant wait to see whats gonna happen ...if not a wiji bord o.o :D :L

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yeah, my house is haunted. my cats always stare at nothing, and growl at nothing. it really creeps me out.

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well i belive that cats can oh and dogs other than that i dont know

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yes they can.. its creepy, there is even a show bout that

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my mom told me that. i think just to scare me.

i reason why people say that is cause animals will start barking or looking around and there will be nothing there.

but animals have good hearing(way better then a human)so an animal would hear something and react to it. while a people wouldnt hear anything and thing that the animal is seeing a ghost

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i think they can, and when children get old enough to talk, they lose that ability. thats why they cant tell you what they've seen.

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