animal cruelty do you care!

so im looking for shampoos that arent used in animal testing on peta and I come across a video of an animal mill (places were animals are bred for pet shops)

  1. A man stomp and kill a hamster because it ran away and he couldn’t catch it when it tried to get away

  2. another UNSKILLED HANDLER who preformed a complicated leg surgery on a rabbit with a super dull knife. the bunny had NO painkillers and was not asleep

  3. two bunnies forced on top of each other until they had intercourse

another video I saw included

  1. about 20 beagles lined up on the floor after having their vocal cords removed in an animal testing facility and

  2. a beagle gone mad running in circles in cage

  3. a German shepherd being shocked and tested for a military weapon that shokes u

I didn’t think animal testing or mills wasn’t so bad until I saw it. every time I think about these animals and cant stop myself form falling apart don’t you think this is wrong? what can I do to help! and why don’t you think anyone cares!

Answer #1

*you can use tresem’e because the shampoo isnt tested on animals.

Tresemme is manufactured by Alberto-Culver. They say that they do not test on animals but , as yet, have not agreed to sign PETA’s ‘animal friendly’ pledge. I would not purchase their products until they sign.

The vasy majority of meat in this country is raised on ‘factory’ farms. The treatment they receive is horrid. The way they are killed is horrid.

I am a vegetarian, do not wear fur or leather, do not use products that contain animal by-products or test on animals and work undercover exposing puppymills. I am happy to read this post. We need more young people in the ‘movement’ who are aware of the cruelty involved in the treatment of companion animals and farm animals.

I recommend the PETA website, especially the pig factory farm video…be prepared it is hard to watch.

You can help by starting a group to spread the word… 90% of the puppies sold in pet stores are from puppymills… 25% of dogs in shelters are pure breeds… Every year over 9 million dogs and cats are killed in this country because they do not have a home. Animals die when you buy! Adopt! Spay/Neuter! Do not believe that all breeders are ‘responsible”. Take a closer look at those “responsible” breeders. They generally advertise in a few well-known national magazines, or on their own websites. In one issue of one cat magazine there are individual listings for about 700 breeders; and a similar number in a comparable dog publication. If each of those breeders produces only three litters per year (an extremely conservative estimate), with an average of 6 per litter, those breeders are putting out more than 25,000 puppies and kittens per year. The American Kennel Club registered nearly 1,175,500 puppies in 2000; the Cat Fanciers Association registered about 107,000 kittens from 13,951 active breeders.

Here is a good website


Answer #2

I care that sounds mean how they are to animals

Answer #3

I am in no way an activist, but I dont think tortuting animals is a good way to get stuff done. just because you’re not a vegetarian does not mean you eat dogs cause that is what t sounds like people think. I eat cows, deer, and chicken, etc because they taste good, bot because I dont care. I love dogs, but they’re not people.

Answer #4

I care a lot…but I’ve never found PETA a particularily credible sourse.


Answer #5

*but I’ve never found PETA a particularily credible sorce.

Does not surprise me. I believe you are a breeder. Correct me if I am wrong.

PETA, though it’s tactics are at times extreme, has done an amazing job raising public awareness regarding the treatment of all animals. HSUS, ASPCA, Best Friends etc. each have their talents, but I have found PETA to be the leader to take a stand when the issue might be unpopular.

Answer #6

you take action and ask your local shelters what you can do to help out. Do buy products that do animal testing. And NO I don’t agree with it animal cruelty at all. HOWEVER I am not a vegitarian, I do eat meat. BUT I do beleive that there is a proper why to kill a animal. I don’t believe in testing products on them, skinning them while they are alive or any torture like that, I am ok with animals providing food for us and keep population down, I would not want my child to be eaten by a alligator because they are all over my back yard. I do believe there is a fine line

Answer #7

ew all that stuff was about to make me cry :[ well I dont wear animals anyway apart from snakes on shoes. so you could not wear the fur,

Answer #8

im 13. been a vegitarian since I was 10. its easy if you really do love animals. I love animals and ever since I got curious that one time and watched a video of the slotter house, I just couldnt eat meat again. you can use tresem’e because the shampoo isnt tested on animals. you can become a vegitarian like me maybe too

Answer #9

Easy…because their not people. They do tested that arent even needed on them. They are NOT little people…And because a rabbit or dog cant scream HELP ME! Same as why people EAT them…doctors say its healther not to..but hey. Or ripping off their fur for fashion, hey get this use`in living dogs as shark bate! What you can do is go to peta and find brands that dont test on animals, not eat mean or wear fur, NOT buy from breeders or pet store and TEL people..I bet you didnt know that m&ms order testing on animals.Candy kills.

Answer #10

thanks so much! and I actually do use treseme lol

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