america vs other developed countries

everytime someone from america answers a “whats so great about your country” type of question they always make some mention of freedom. I dont really get it. Americas not exactly the only country where people have freedom, infact I would say some countries offer more freedom than the US does. Do americans really think they have more freedom than people from other developed nations, why, and in what respects?

Answer #1

They’re grateful for the sacrifices made to secure their freedom - they know many are not, as free - Thankful they don’t live in a dictatorship and for their many blessings - same with freedom-loving people everywhere.

Answer #2

I don’t think that America thinks it has more freedom than other developed countries. We have freedom to think for ourselves. The average American’s ancestors weren’t American, so we feel the obligation to let other countries see that they can offer their people the opportunity to think for themselves. No matter how rich or poor a nation is, it doesn’t have to be dominated by one person. We are all human and completely capable of thinking for ourselves. Our country doesn’t have more freedom, we only want to share the concept with those who do not.

Answer #3

Freedom, as amblessed describes it, is nothing but platitudes. Real freedom should be about freedom from tyranny, both political and economic. The american people have been living under a tyranical government for the past eight years, and they have been slowly chipping away at our constitutionally rights.

Answer #4

I do understand why you would value freedom when your comparing life in america to life in a third world country under a dictatorship, but when your comparing two countries like america and canada? Isnt the ‘freedom’ argument kinda pointless in that circumstance?

Answer #5

Oh my gosh, you read my mind. I’m actually Canadian but I read someone’s answer on a question earlier and they said living in the USA gives them freedom, I kind of gasped about it. I live in Canada and I feel as though I have a lot of freedom I definitely wouldn’t have if I went to the states.

Answer #6

lol thedude, you sound ready to move overseas. But trust me, everywhere is the same story. All developed countries are over-taxed, spied on and all that. I’m not much of a conspiracy-theory follower but I know enough to know that governments are far from honest, democratic and chosen individuals. Whenever there is money involved, people become greedy.

The world goes around in cycles, I guess it’s just the cycle we live in :)

Answer #7

wow, you make it sound a horribly unappealing country to live in! If it makes you feel better, we get taxed heaps too, and then sometimes if we’re really lucky, we get taxed on tax, how kool is that? We are getting a tax cut though I believe… it wont even give us the cost of a kg of cheese but you cant have everything!

Answer #8

america is raising its youth to worship fame and fortune. Kids in america are being taught how to make money and fame for their country and for themselves and are being taught nothing about helping their fellow humans. America is the tall bulky bully of the playground, it takes what it wants when it wants. Americans are following the example being demonstrated by american leaders. That would at least explain all the killing and stealing. WORLD PEACE!

Answer #9

As a Canadian who has lived in both Canada and the US, I think that both countries have equal freedoms in their respective constitutions. Although, I find Canadians MUCH more polite (pleases & thank yous), much friendlier, more tolerant of other cultures and much funnier. Americans seem to be too self centred “I’m American, I’m the best”. Believe me, I have lived in both countries, have an American parent and have never seen it different

Answer #10

not all of us in the USA are complete money loving, gun toting, racists morons. Just most. But please count me out.

And “xmurrcattx” Are you seriously trying to make the point that Americans are “truly” free because we have the right to bear arms? That’s it huh? That’s what makes all the difference? Jesus Christ!

Well I certainly can understand WHY people from other countries think we are all idiots! In reality it is just the Idiots who always have the biggest mouths and shout the loudest. The rest of us are just too tired to try and argue anymore.

Besides you are allowed to own guns in Canada anyway dimwit. Hunting and outdoor sports are huge there and lots of people have firearms, including handguns, in their homes.

I think there is a lesson to be learned in the fact that Canada has just as many, if not more, gun owners as the US does, but the percentage of violent crimes committed with firearms is so much lower. That goes to show you that it is the mentality of a society and not the availability of guns that causes crime and violence. While Americans DO tend to be a more violently minded people, poverty also plays a huge part in crime and when the social and monetary classes in a county are as striated as they are here people start to get desperate.

But don’t just lump us all into the same group together, that’s not fair either. I would never say that “all” of any people are “someway”, that’s just as ignorant as the things you pointed out about Americans.

Answer #11

up until prob the early 90’s and maybe before 9/11 america might of had something other countries are without.But now we are so close to destroying everything our country stands for, its sick.. like everything that is wrong with us was forseen by our founding farthers and there are actually people doing things to purposly counter thir vision. things from banking fears to the fair pursuit of happyness are being inposed on by individuals and its so ovious it seens ok.we were warned about the importance of american rights and the possibility that they may be in harms wayover 200 years ago and we sit around and get pimped today when its so close to hitting the fan.we need a new common sence pamphlet and quick. I hope we didnt all forget about the first line of our constitution “WE THE PEOPLE” and yes that means you and even your annoying little bro who whines all the time, have a say and we shouldnt forget that

Answer #12

pointless in that circumstance?

Absolutely! Not only that, we have the freedom to have a president that didn’t win the majority vote. The freedom to watch as his cabinent breaks the law. The freedom to watch as trillions of dollars is spent on a war we shouldn’t have started.

Ah, and my personal favorite, as I have family overseas: the freedom to watch as our FREEDOM gets legislated away, in the name of “protection” which both McCain & Obama BOTH voted for FISA…and Obama LIED saying he’d fillibuster.

Oh, ya, I got freedom. :) I’m free to get spied on, taxed excessively, treated unfairly compared to the uber rich, free to watch children’s health care get stripped away from them, freedom to watch my governer try to pay people BELOW the state mandated minimum wage…

Yippee, we’re free alright. If I was any more free, I might mistake this for one of those facist dictatorships.

Answer #13

Ok, let me explain why America is (at least for this waning moment) free, and in fact other developed countries such as Canada and Australia and Great Britain are not. One of our FUNDAMENTAL rights is the right to bear arms. In theory (save, ignorant lawmakers) not a single person or power can take our guns from us without due process. We originally knew a key truth; A government should fear it’s people. It’s not about self defense, it’s not about hunting, though those things are important. It’s about holding the power of WE THE PEOPLE. That is why our forefathers created the second amendment. In fact, the second amendment is THE fundamental right, because it secures all other rights. This is the best Canada can do for redress: “Anyone whose rights or freedoms, as guaranteed by this Charter, have been infringed or denied may apply to a court of competent jurisdiction to obtain such remedy as the court considers appropriate and just in the circumstances.” - but there are no rights pertaining to firearms. Australia doesn’t even have a Bill of Rights and has very few actually written personal rights. Gun laws are strict in all uses. The United Kingdom (England)’s Bill of Rights partly inspired the US Bill of Rights - but the UK’s original right only allowed protestants to bear arms, and subsequent legislation has given the UK some of the strictest gun laws (understand that the UK’s constitution is largely unwritten and can be easily changed by parliament). If you live in a country that doesn’t guarantee your right to keep (have on your property/being) and bear (hold and use) arms, you have to ask yourself if you are really free. All it takes is a convenient catastrophe for the government to grab absolute control; sometimes it is over time, sometimes it’s immediate - but that can be prevented by enlightened citizens, bearing arms justly. And that is why the United States of America is unique and truly free.

Answer #14

wheelsnwood, you are a perfect example of steriotypical idiots around the world. you support the biggest stereotype of america ever, all americans are like bush. you disgust me. we have living and dead americans who made a huge impact in the world. like I mentioned before the founding fathers started democracy, abraham lincoln abolished slavery in america, roosevelt led the allies to victory in WWII, JFK stopped the world from being shackled by atomic fire, reagan brought down the berlin wall. all of those men were presidents who did great things and yet the one of the few bad presidents is the only one we are compared to. the list goes on and on of reasons why that stereotype is wrong.

Answer #15

okay all you non americans I will explain why americans always bring up freedom when talking about americas qualities. for one, WE PRACTICALLY INVENTED FREEDOM. its called the declaration of independence. we invented freedom when we rebelled against the british empire and the founding fathers started the first democracy the world has ever seen. after that other countries followed suit (including britain).

Answer #16

well I think the us is very diverse. people come here from other countries saying they want a new life. im not saying that there isnt other places to search but I feel that the people think the US is like a key to new door or something. I dont know why but it makes me feel good to no that the ountry I was born in is a place people want to b

Answer #17

Yes a us citizen is free if he has money. if not, he lives in a shack somewhere in Georgie, Louisiana or Texas and has a large star-sprangled banner floating at the door, because in reality this is all he has - his illusion to be living in a free country that won’t provide for his health care, a job, for the education of his children and the nice living enjoyed by the rich. United States might have freedom but it sure doesn’t have much equality and brotherhood. Of course, as a good brainwashed american you will say you have equal opportunity - ya, same for you as Bush’s children about to enter Harvard! Big joke! Wake up America! You lived for 8 years under a dictature and you couldn’t even muscle up the courage to protest in the street by ‘fear’ of being labeled ‘unpatriotic.’ Free US is still believing in ‘my country right or wrong.’ Quite a choice.

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