Is America is Turning Into One Gigantic Hellhole?

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unfortunately i think it is. there is so much corruption in government and in business and people think the government can solve anything so people like giving the government more power which in future eyes means hell for citizens of the future. because once people give more power to the government the government is not going to want to let it go, and theres only one way to fix that but that is something i hope never comes.

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Yes, all us sheepal being lead to slaughter.

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Yes! Im sure there are lots of good people in america, but standing on the outside looking in, Your Government is corrupt and like to bully other countries, your health system is corrupt and unfair, your social security system is basically none existant and unfair, and even the justice system is corrupt! Ive noticed more and more people and countries are becoming anti american. I had a conversation the other day about your prision system, and did you know that the prision system in america is a legalalized slave labouring outrage! Its disgraceful! Most of the prison system is african american, and you seem to get jailed over the pettiest crime, and whilst in prison your forced to work for businesses making their products which the prisioners get paid basically nothing. Sounds like slave labour to me.

For america to maintain its standard of living, it has to bully other countries,stripping them of natural resorces. Your government lies to its people through media ect, which your government control, and this is more noticable if you live in another country.

By no means do i think there are no good honest people in america, in answering your question if america is becoming a gigantic hellhole, well yes, but thats from the outside looking in. :)

Answer #5

well actually with the african american thing, its them doing it. like i know that sounds mean, but they are the ones who commit more crimes. but our prison system is corrupt in the way that its not how prison should be. prisoners a treated fairly it seems, they have meals and tv and all at no expense. but stil prison sucks for anyone.
but doesn’t every government lie to each other. to me America is singled out because everyone in the world knows about us. its easy to single us out. im just saying

Answer #6

how are you, michel? I havent been here for awhile, i hope i wasnt to blunt with my answer, but its true how more people are starting to become anti american.

Answer #7

Well I agree with you, and also I don’t watch the American propaganda on the TV, I get most of my news from the web. I am not saying that other countries are much better, and don’t have their problems, but living here I feel that sometimes I am regulated like a child in fear that if I do something wrong my parents “USA” is going to beat me down and put me in their slave camps.

Answer #8

This is the kind of mind set the government want you to have, which like ive said is more obvious when your looking in. I dont begrudge you for your view, but its not just the prision system its your WHOLE system. Even what some of you get paid in a normal job is unfair.

Answer #9

chris, your one of the few that i think knows whats really going on or having suspicions on whats really going on. Most people i know all think this about america. Sometimes USA is the butt end of jokes over here, Your WHOLE system is unfair, no-one i know wants to ever live there or even vist. Also, im in no way saying australia is without its problems, but it really is the best and fairest place to live.

Answer #10

Not really. I don’t believe that there is any government that is not corrupt in some way. It’s not perfect but I would not go as far to say that America is turning into a hellhole. Visit any developing 3rd world country and you will have a whole new appreciation for America. I was born and raised here and for the longest time took that for granted. I complained so much about the system and how corrupt it is, but SO many societies have it much worse. Although we have many opportunities there is always room for improvement. Is it corrupt? Yes. Has it always been corrupt? I’m inclined to believe so. Could things be worse? Of course. Is it as bad as a hell hole? Hardly….A couple of my classmates were from Zimbabwe and Ethiopia. Hearing their stories made me thankful that I live here.

Answer #11

Agree with you COMPLETELY Melinda. :)

Answer #12

Just like Melinda, i’m an outsider looking in and what I see is corruption, fraud and down-right unfairness. People are saying America is one big force of good. This is bullshit. America always has to take sides and stick it’s nose in other countries’ business. And people are getting VERY tired of the ego. All a lot of American’s think about is themselves and their ‘perfect’ country. I’m not saying other countries are, every country has their problems but America is in no shape to be bragging.

Answer #13

No. In fact, I think the suggestion is patently ridiculous. The United States certainly has many social, economic, and political problems, but it is not a failing nation-state where disease and malnutrition run rampant and where fighting between political factions cost the lives of thousands of people through war and genocide. People try to escape such “hellholes” every day, in an effort to reach more stable and prosperous places, many of them ending up in places like the United States (which accepts far more asylum seekers than any other nation, by the way). This is not propaganda, nor is it ignorance. There are many things I would like to see the United States do differently and the need for reform is everywhere. But I think we should keep the country’s problems in proper perspective.

Answer #14

I agree. Corruption is horrendously bad in much of the Middle East and Africa, to the point where it is paralysing. Corruption on this magnitude doesn’t really exist in the US. I think the US, however, has legalised corruption in its political system. Financial contributions can legally impact political campaigns and votes on legislation. Also, you see a lot of plea bargains in American judicial proceedings. The better your lawyer (i.e., more expensive) the better your opportunity to get a plea bargain. Both of these examples are rare to see in Europe, and they are both examples of things the US should reform. Are they turning the U.S. into a hellhole? Hardly.

Answer #15

I couldn’t agree with you more.

Answer #16

I agree with you to a certain extent. There are people who don’t realize what is going on. There are many people who are aware of the corruption that exists. Our government is corrupt, but there are governments out there that are much worse. Corruption hardly equals hellhole. Of course we have things to improve on. Every country does. There are things that I don’t like about the way our country runs things. However, I do appreciate having access to clean water, education, access to electricity any time of day, an abundance of food to choose from, and people from many other cultures to learn from. My country is far from perfect….Its also far from a hellhole.

Answer #17

Its because of america that the third world countries stay third world, america or should i say western societies bully and strip the third world countries of their natural resources so the western societies can maintain their standed of living. If the third world countries could develope their own natural resorces by themselves it would make them richer , and therefore wouldnt be third world anymore.

Answer #18

Its because of america that third world countries stay third world, america or should i say western societies bully and strip the third world countries of their natural resorces so the western societies can maintain their standard if living. If the third world countries could develope their own natural resorces by them selves it would make them richer, and therefore wouldnt be third world anymore.

Answer #19

Very true Gabby! :) and im noticing more and more people and countries are becoming anti american! The government in america lie to its people, and mislead its people into thinking america is a force for good and this is just what their government wants them to think. American people are very proud but very blind to the real truth and yes its even more noticable standing on the outside!

Answer #20

Ive just spent the last week sifting thru all the leaked documents on wikileaks..its very compelling! The american government are guilty of war crimes and the truth is coming out. America wants the oil from iraq and iran, its the largest oil deposits left in the world. America need this oil to maintain its standard of living and they dont want to pay for it. So they bully and invade to get control of the oil. Ive also done alot of research on oil and americas oil is running out, the facts are all out there you just have to dig for it. Western countries need the oil to survive, everything around you that is made of plastic comes from oil. We need oil for petrol and cars, to mass produce fast foods ect. And if you really think about it, who ever has contol of the largest oil deposits left, ultimately rules the world. G Bush is a oil man himself…..all the facts keep adding up! And ive herd that america is blocking americans from visiting the wikleaks web site! What does that tell you?

Answer #21

Exactly! I hope that one day it won’t be like this.

Answer #22

WikiLeaks is not blocked in the United States. This is rumour. Second, you should be more specific about which documents you are referring to. Much of what has surfaced so far indicates the US oil industry gained nothing from the war. Many of the leaked cables show how the US pressured al-Shahristani to propose laws that would share oil profits in the north with the Kurds and offer security to investment firms doing business in Iraq, yet he resisted doing so. The Iraq War was fought under false pretenses and profiteering was certainly among them, but I’ve never believed the US invaded the country for its oil. This logic fails for many reasons, not the least of which is that Iraq’s oil reserves are too difficult and costly for the US to develop, one country’s supply does not control global prices, and there are other countries with larger oil supplies that would be easier for the US to acquire without starting a war. Finally, it is not news to anybody that the global supply of oil is diminishing from its current sources, nor is the United States the only country whose foreign policy is driven by energy needs. France, China, India and others quite obviously do the same, or have you not noted China’s looking the other way on the Sudanese government’s atrocities in exchange to get their oil? All stand ready to exploit the melting polar regions and other new sources around the world.

Answer #23

It may not be fair for western countries to be “bullies”, however, that still does not equate to being a hellhole. No government is completely virtuous, or free of corruption.

Answer #24

You do realize that your country is considered a “western country” right? I mean by it being developed and all. I’m sure you are aware of the corruption that goes on in your government, plus there is no need to point fingers. I’m sure if the answer were that simple, they would no longer be a third world country. Anyhow, even if it WERE that simple, this country is still not a hellhole. A$$hole maybe, but not a hellhole.

Answer #25

You are right America has its nose in everyone else’s business and needs to be worried about the problems we have right here at home. Another thing that I feel, is 50% of the people here work their freaken A55 of and the other 50% just want handouts. I say this all the time and I am going to repeat myself but I feel I am working for all the people wanting a handout.

“I have to go to work today, have so many people on welfare depending on me!!!”

Answer #26

I agree. There are a lot of hard working Americans and then there’s those lazy ones who think “I’m American, I don’t have to do sh!t.” I’ve spoken to quite a few people with this opinion and it gives a bad example for the hard working Americans.

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