What do you think about Amazons decision to pull a book of its site that promoted ped.ophile relationships?

Amazan had a book listed on their website titled: The pe.dophiles guide to love and pleasure: Lovers code of conduct. They have removed the book this past week due to people protesting and threatening to leave the site. They defended their listing the book stating that while they dont agree with the message, they dont like to censor their books and its up to the buyer to choose what they want to read. Do you feel they should have left the book up or do you think they did the right thing in finally taking it down?

Answer #1

I heard about that this morning. I know we all talk about free speech and all that, but where do we draw the line? A book that’s supportive of pedophilia? Icky. Plus, Amazon not selling the book would’ve sent a strong message that they don’t support the book’s contents. It’s what they should’ve done in the first place, in my opinion.

Answer #2

I don’t know that is a tough question. Hmm I suppose logically I can understand Amazon does not want to associate with pedophilia and wants to look like a good, clean site to most people, although I also find it to be a “fraidy cat” move because they don’t want people angry at them for putting up a questionable, controversial book. Of course a book that is supportive of pedophilia is worth reading as are all books that are differant because we get closer to an objective viewpoint and become less biased, or at least more understanding of why this happens. I also think we become more compassionate people this way, more compassionate towards the victims as well as the criminals, who are human too, with human feelings. I say it was Amazon’s choice and shouldn’t offend the book’s author. Controversial authors should be aware of the public’s reactions.

Answer #3

Well said, “Icky” is right- too sick for me…

Answer #4

I had not heard about this, but:

If the book was found to be actively encouraging some people to break the law, and outlining methods believed likely to make victims more compliant to abuse, or to reduce the likelihood of active abusers being detected and convicted, then Amazon was right to withdraw the book.

If, on the other hand, the book was merely a misguided satirical comedy providing no useful advice to abusers, then I think Amazon was wrong to censor the book.

– Majikthise.

Answer #5

Amy, please tell me how you would feel if some “criminals, who are human too, with human feelings” raped your younger sister or brother- how much compassion would you feel then?

Answer #6

I looked into it-apparently the book defends pedophila and criticizes its negative portrayal in the media. The author said he had sexual contact with a child as a teenager. So…I’m going to assume that the book leans more toward your first guess.

Answer #7

Perhaps books of this type should be published with the general title “The Idiots Guide To Sex With Innocent Children”

Answer #8

That would pretty much sum up the book :)

Answer #9

I would comfort my sister and make sure the criminal goes through “due process of law”. I would also ask him/her why they did it. Ultimately I would forgive them because it may surprise and give them something to think about. If my sister asks how I could forgive the person I would go into a lengthy explanation about how they should not have done that but it is in the past and it is healthier to try and move on and forgive than to hold onto these painful moments. I would tell her I would never expect her to forgive because it is a personal choice and a very difficult one at that. Even if the criminal is unaffected by my forgiveness, it doesn’t hurt to release my anger and attempt to spread positivity through out the world. I believe everyone has the potential for good no matter what they have done and if they never do good I do not hate them for it. Good is such a subjective word, meaning we all define it differently. I do not know how someone would put pedophilia in a good light, which again is why I have to read this book! But nonetheless…

Answer #10

It does sound like it would be interesting…I just can’t wrap my head around Amazon selling this book for profit. I also doubt that reading the book will make anyone feel for the mental state of the criminals-if anything, the book is just giving them even more negative attention.

Answer #11

Normally I am 100% against any type of book banning/censoring. However, I am more against ped.ophiles than consorship, so I agree with it. Anything that could hurt an innnocent person, especially a child, is not appropriate and should not have been published in the first place. I am a very stronger believer in freedom, but being a ped.ophile is one place where I am fine seeing freedoms squahsed.

Answer #12

Honestly, what sick person would write a book like that? I would agree with Amazon 100 percent. Having a book like that on their site would bring it down, alot.

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