Am I a bad person for rehoming my dog?

ok so I have this dog that I love so dearly with all my heart and well I have made the decision do give him up you know rehoming him and well I want to keep him but hes to much for me he has a big personality for a little dog and he wants so much attention all day long and I just cant give it to him all day long and well I think it would be better if he had a new owner that wil love to play with him all day long love and care for him. so guilty and sad I have tears in my eyes as I write this so pleae tell me if I being fair or not!! :(

I want him to be spoile rotten you know and im feeling

Answer #1

doogie day care is a good idea, try not to give him up & if you do, you are not a bad person.

Answer #2

Aww…I’m so sorry. I had to give up my doggy too. I was really sad about it and I still miss her dearly, she was my best friend. Make sure your doggy goes to a loving home…:( …

Answer #3

thanks for answering you guys I feel a lil better knowing im not a bad person for doing this. its going to be really hard to let him go but its for hes own good right!

Answer #4

you are definately not a bad person. The dog deserves to have it’s needs met whether it be playing with him all day, you are doing what is best for him and that is the best thing you can do. My chihuahua has a big personality too and loves to have attention all day long! I work full time, but I know his needs are being met because my mom stays at home and watches kids all day so he can run around and play outside with them and they love him to death! he deserves a home where he can have his big personality and play with someone all the time =)

Answer #5

Nah. Of course you’re not a bad person. You care for the dog so much. You know that you dont have much time for your dog. And you think that maybe rehoming your dog would be a better decision. So you’re not bad. And yeah, its sad to give up your dog as you love it so much. Okay. Why not you try spending more time with it? I mean try. Actually rehoming your dog is not bad too. You’ll have more time. And your dog will have someone who love it, care for it, play with it. But please, make sure that the new owner really love your dog and your dog love him/her too. If you really rehomed your dog, do visit it to make sure it has good life okay? No matter what, the decision is yours. Good luck! ^^

Answer #6

No…you are not a bad person…I can tell by your words, that you have thought long and hard about this…and the fact that you aren’t giving him up because he’s a pain, but because you want him to have a home where he can get all that he needs. That’s actually VERY unselfish…

Do you have a home picked out? I have all the confidence in the world you’ll be very picky about who takes him…Good for YOU!!!


Answer #7

I only think you could go wrong if you would give him up to the dog pound or a home where he will get less attention than the one he’s at now … Or if you REALLY don’t think the dog will agust well … I have a dog that I love to death but is EXTREAMLY shy … it took him 2 years to warm up to me and if I gave him away he would probbaly never get over it … I’m serious … but he was an exception because he was raised in a dog kennel out in the country by a dog breader who he only say every other day for the first year of his life … If your dog needs to and can get to someone else who can care for him better than you are not wrong in doing it.

Answer #8

Have you thought of Doggie Daycare? They play with them all day and wear your dog out. No one can give their pet attention all day long. Your pet will have to learn when it is play time and when it is not. Did your parents play with you all day long, no… of course not.

It is winter now, spring is around the corner and you will be able to let your dog out more and spend more time with him.

I would think very carefully on this and give it some time, it is a big decision. Not one to be made quickly.

I would also pray on it. God answers all prayers, even ones about our pets.

Beautiful dog.

Answer #9

no you are not

Answer #10

I know isnt that great I was like doing the happy dance I was so happy hehe.

jake is a great name isnt lol…

Answer #11

That’s awesome! I’m glad you decided to keep him… jake is my boyfriends name, lol.

Answer #12

No you are not a bad person, you are a very sweet person no matter what you decide.

Answer #13

no your not a bad person in fact thinking of whats good for the dog instead of what you want make you a good person

Answer #14

Yeah, if you can’t take care of him like you want him to be cared for then your not wrong for letting him go where he can get it.

Answer #15

Yea I had the same problem few years back … the only way I was givin him up was to a family friend or a very close friend I could trust and so that I could see him often. Thas always the best way to go.

Answer #16

hey guys good news I couldnt bear to let him go so I have decided to KEEP JAKE. not only that but my parents got me a new pup cause they said I went through a lot just thinking about it and kept crying about it and well we all have decided that its better if my mom stays home and plays with them while im at work.

I really think it will work out what do you guys think im just so happy that I get to keep him I love him so much!! :) :)

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