Am I too young to be fingered?

OK so im 13 years old and my boyfriend want to finger me…I want him to but im do I shave..or not..and am I to young..I need helppp…

Answer #1

I have been fingered this year by my boyfriend and we have been together for about 2 months. (iam 14 and shaven)I rele liked the feeling and I have done it again with other guy.I was worried about it but when he put his hand down there it all went away :,I have done everything with this guy and a lot of people at school have called me a “slag” or “slut” so you should only do it if you rele truly liek this guy and you think and feel that your ready and if you do it dont listen to what people call you. :D (btw I iam still with him and he is a year older and he has never MADE me do anything I dont want too)

Answer #2

im 17 and id say you need to really should not be this far along 13 you should only be holding hands..put your arms around each other..hugs..and a kiss or petting and diff not fingering at 13.. remember its your body..and its what you want to do with it not what someone else wants to do to it.. be respectful to your body and to yourself.

Answer #3

no your not to young i know girls who have been fingered at 13 but i would definly shave as a guy i wouldn’t like putting my hand down there and feeling a lot of hair

Answer #4

well i think you should wait im only 14 am a guy and its really up to you but if you do i would shave it a little bit your skin should beable to be seen

Answer #5

I am over 19, but I will contribute anyway.

If you’re not sure, don’t do it. If you’re nervous, don’t do it. You have to be sure and comfortable when it comes to these things.

As far as shaving goes, it’s up to you, but I would not recommend it. Some girls shave, others trim, others leave it all natural. It’s up to the girl. However, most ob-gyns do not recommend shaving since it increases your chances of getting infections down there.

Answer #6

I was fingered, and im the age of the question. we we’re kissing And I actually didnt notice he was slipping his hand down there until he was actually doing it. hes 16. and more experienced. dont go further than that because you’ll just feel violated, its better to know when your ready than to just let it happen, 13 is a young age, and to any honest I regret it but im used to it now.

Answer #7

im 13 and my boyfriend fingered me for the frist time 3 weeks ago and I loved it its a good feeling and you if think you love this lad and you want him to finger you then no-one is stoping you from lettin him but don’t let him if you don’t want to. My boyfriend wanted to september last year the day we got together and I wouldnt let him you should really make sure you want to and not just do it to make your boyfriend happy because if he loves you he will understand. I didn’t shave when I got fingered and my boyfriend didn’t say anything bout it.

Answer #8

I got fingered when I was in 12 and I LOVED IT!!

Answer #9

I am 13 and my opinon is dont do unless you r shure you want to andif you love that perosn if not dont do it wait till you rdy… shaven

Answer #10

Oh and i want answers from girls and guys under the age of 19

Answer #11

y would you need to shave at 13 but I dont think thats too young just as long as it doesnt go farther. make sure hes not doing it just to show off for his friends

Answer #12

Hey :]

Well, I’m a guy, and I’m 17. If he’s your age, probably he’s just curious to know what a girl feels like in the inside. If YOU want it, if YOU feel like doin’ it, go ahead! And give a chance for the dude to learn how to finger you. Teach him. Tell him: “I’d love if you’d do like this… or like that”, you know?

But, if YOU don’t want it… then say NO. And he’ll have to respect that… If he goes like: “If you don’t let me, I’ll broke up with ya” (I know it’s stupid, but a lotta people that), then you should brake up with him, ‘because someone who really likes you, would never broke up for such thing ‘-‘

Tip #1: Why don’t you try to finger yourself, if that’s the case… I mean, you can learn a lot about your body, what you like, what you dislike, and stuff… that’d make things a lot easier ^^

Tip #2: You don’t HAVE to shave it, although a clean vagina is kinda cute (:3), your pubic hairs will grow up MUCH faster as time goes by. Plus, you’re only 13, I don’t think there’s THAT MUCH to shave down there, so don’t worry :]

Tip #3: Well, that’s actually a question… Do you really like the guy? Think about that. :]

Answer #13

I am seventeen years old and a female i am not one to tell you what you can or can not do with your body and what ever you do it is your choice and yours alone, but i would say that you are way to young to be doing that type of thing..wait till you are closer to my are a kid still ( know offence) be a kid don’t grow up to fast and don’t get involved in things adults do..and this relationship that you are having is almost 99% going to end in a break-up the chanced of it lasting are little to none..sexual activites should be with some one you really love and who really loves you it feels good yes, i am not one to lie, it does feel good but it should be done when you are older and with some one whom you may spend your life with. I am not saying you are not going to marry this guy you may and that is great but i would say wait a while on this at least be with the guy for over six long have you been together any way? Just becareful okay mm do what you feel is right but think about what you are doing okay.

Answer #14

im 13,and I was with the guy for 2-3 months,I knew the guy for a year and he was nice-enough to text my bestfriend would I let him do it. we sat on his bed for ages,and he was messing about with my belly bar and he was feeling my knicker line a lot and made me wet.hahaa, and I was obviously feeling his dick but I wasn’t ready to toss him of because I wouldn’t of known what to do and after a bit he put his hands down my pants(shaven) and he fingerd me,it felt good but weird I use tampons and when getting fingerd it doesn;t hurt if you use tampons, (tampons dont hurt) and he was bad at doing it because he was really slow,so I whisperd do it faster and the bed shaked alott and his mum came upstairs so he stopped,then after he washed his hands hahaa ;) good luck I was nervous but after its done you be reeet xx

Answer #15

I don’t think you are but thats all your choice because I am 13 too but I only getting fingered by me

Answer #16

oh hey uhm I know how you feel cause this guy I was with fer like a month tried fingering me. he like stuck his hand down my shirt and all that jazz. I dont have any boobs so I was like what are you trying to grab? and I just pulled his hand up from when he was trying to get his hand down there. I thought it was a very rude thing to do. but if you want it done then let it be done. but im gonna tell you something guys dont know what they are doing at our age. they just wanna do it so they know what a girls inside feels like. if I were you I would wait.

Answer #17

okaay im thirteen. I have a boyfriend and he actually does care about me. I believe that you are too young to be fingered. but if you wamt it done, go ahead…no one’s stopping you. but make sure this guys really cares about you…and as feelings for you.

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