Am i aloud to go to his homecoming dance?

Ok. So my boyfriend is a freshman and I am in 8th grade. His homecoming dance at his highschool is coming up soon and he asked me if I wanted to go. I would LOVE to go but I don't know if I am aloud. Is an 8th grader aloud to go to a freshmans homecoming? do I need some kind of form? HELP!

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You are usually ALLOWED ( the one you used is for reading, as in: to read aloud) ;) to attend another school's function with a permission slip. He'll probably be able to pick one up from his front office. My school required a full week's notice so that they were able to do a preliminary background check on my date to make sure I wasn't bringing a hardened criminal or grossly older individual to our school.
You shouldn't have any problems though. Both sets of parents will likely have to give consent and your principal and head of security will likely have to give their approval as well. HAVE FUN!!! :D

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Yes, you will most likely to be able to go, but your boyfriend will have to fill out a form. Tell him to ask his student services or front office.

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well why dont you ask your mother or father to call his school and ask them =] but I don't know we arent aloud 2 here but I don't know

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