Is there a good alternative to cow's milk for my 1-year-old?

Hello I have a one year old son and I do not want to give him cows milk, I was thinking maybe soy milk. Do you have any suggestions. I breastfed until two weeks ago and now he has soy formula. What do you suggest please tell me… Thank you so much.

Answer #1

I recommed goats’ milk. I’m a nineteen year-old student, and I’ve been taking goats’ milk for a while now as a replacement for cows’ milk in order to help clear up my eczema, and it seems to be working.

Also, goats’ milk is believed to be more beneficial for the human metabolism, which would perhaps make for a smoother transition from mother’s milk to commercial milk as far as your son’s metabolism is concerned.

Please bear in mind that I’m not an expert on this, so you should probably double check with your family GP or a public health nurse first. I hope my advice helps though!!! Best of luck!

Answer #2

If he’s one he doesn’t need formula anymore. I agree with the above (either try goats milk or soy) it should be fine. Just one question tho, why not cow’s milk?

Answer #3

Since your son is 1 if he is eating solid foods well he doesn’t need formula.

I worry a little about giving kids that young soy. If he develops a soy allergy than this will make his life very difficult since soy is in so many things. Rice milk is the milk least likely to produce allergies. I’d wait another year or two before introducing soy products into his diet (same with peanuts).

Answer #4

I am feeding my son hempmilk, it is very close to cows milk but is made out of seeds, it is very healthy and my son loves it, he has an allergy to milk and soy and had to be on a very expensive formula until one and I was looking to relieve the check book a little, you can get it at whole food store for about $4.00 a box for 32 oz, still a little expensive but not like the formula, he’s my million dollar baby!

Answer #5

I vote for Goat’s Milk as well. It is very easy on a child’s digestive system.

Answer #6

Both of my girls had some sort of allergy to my breast milk and were on an extremely hypoallergenic perscription formula. We started giving both of them rice milk 1st with rice cereal at about 7 months. Then we switched to soy milk and they are both fine with it. My pediatrician recommended giving them 1 oz, mixed in with formula once a day for 3 days and if there is no reaction to switch them over to straight soy milk. I hope this helps.

Answer #7

hi I have a two-year old girl and I give her silk very vanilla soy milk. she loves it because it is sweet and very good tasting and it has all the vitamins your baby will need plus protein. Hope this helps and God Bless you and your family.

Answer #8

I was allergic to milk when i was a baby, my parents gave me goats milk which worked wonders.

Answer #9

One of my boys drank rice milk for a few years. He is not bothered by cows milk anymore so I guess he out grew his allergies.

Answer #10

Have you heard of Round up ready seeds…Soy is a round up ready plant…it is it’s own herbicide producing plant…that way they can spray the crop with RoundUp and only the weeds die..when you eat soy you are eating roundup…when you feed your baby soy formula you are feeding your baby roundup…check into genetically modified foods…they are either an insecticide producing plant or a herbicide producing plant…corn is a insecticide producing plant…canola is a herbicide producing plant…the list goes on and on…

Answer #11

What I did with my son was I went straight to Soy Milk the one in the red carton which is the regular sometimes as a treat I will buy the Soy milk in the blue carton which he really likes bc its vaniella flavor but it has to much suger for me. Anywho we tried cows milk when he was one but no matter how we gave it to him he would throw it up it scared to doo doo outta me bc he would just start throwing it up in the middle of the night while sleeping. Anywho my husband did research and found that Soy milk was the best. The very first day we gave it to him we didnt mix it with formula he did GREAT. Now he’s two and he can do regular milk but Soy is so much healther and so were sticking to it :) hope this helps

Answer #12

hi,I have 1 year old girl,she was on forula milk and I shifted her to fresh cow milk,only in the morning so that she dont feel full by lunch meal and we give more solid food, am concern about which is better to continue fresh or to shift again to formula as its fortified, my babay hb is normal 12.and some time she is having constipation,I referred that to formula milk at bed time tha she is taking and am concern that she get cow milk allergy and is it common after 1 year old

Answer #13

There is also formula for toddlers that you can buy

Answer #14

I have read that soy milk has too much estrogen to give to a growing baby, especially baby boy. And that there is not enough fat in it for babies under 3. My GP also said that the sodium content of Goats milk was too high for a baby. SOrry this doesn’t offer any suggestions.

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