All-Star Cheerleading---Level 3/4

In all-star cheerleading what does it take to become a level 3 or 4.

Answer #1

you have to be strong, and light

Answer #2

The above answer was a little off.

Level 2: Tumbling= any backhandsprings are good (multiple, running etc, front/ back walkovers, roundoffs, thats it. Stunts= Can only extend 2 leg stunts, 1 leg stunts must be performed at prep level. Straight cradle for all. The only twisting stunt allowed is a logroll. Basket tosses are legal if its a straight ride.

Level 3: Tumbling= everything up to a tuck.(running, standing, etc.) Stunts= Can extend 1 leg stunts, but with a straight cradle only. Full downs are allowed on 2 leg stunts only. Basket tosses= pike baskets, toe touch baskets, and twist baskets.

Level 4: Tumbling= everything up to a layout. Stunts= Can full down from extended 1 leg stunts. Basket tosses= everything mentioned above plus kick fulls.

I know you wanted levels 3/4 but I threw in 2 anyway! Hope this is a little better!!

Answer #3

I used to be on a level 4 team last year in competitive all-star cheer, and really all that you need fer being in a level 3 team is the tumbling skills required fer that level, I may be wrong on a few but the levels as far as tumbling goes:

level 2: back handspring, round-off back handspring, front handspring, you know like baby stuff kinda.

level 3: double or triple back handspring, round-off back-handspring double, front tuck, double front handspring, and a few other combo moves.

level 4: front handspring front tucks (hellish move! I hurt my but so many times!), standing back tuck, layouts, practically any running tumbling (excluding fulls or twists!)

level 5: fulls, twists, doubles fulls, and all regulation running tumbling combos.

stunting no-nos:

level 2: no standing under flyers, swinging flyers, or any above shoulder stunts.

level 3: our senior level 3 team got into trouble fer inverting the flyers back over the back spots head, and you cant do any special baskets or anything.

level 4: you can do swinging stunts and push fulls and drops and stuff, but you cant toss your flyer to another stunt groups.

level 5: you can practically do anything within regulation.

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