Cheerleading or my best friend?

k, so I tried out 4 cheerleading AGAIN…,,and made assistant coach, and that is the highest you can go b/c the real coach is 47…ANYWAY…My bestfriend didnt perform her best and my coach wants 2 count her out and not let her on the team…and if I give her the true score that she really got from me she probably would hate me 4ever what should I do??

       Should I quit 4 my best buddy or wht?? 

Thanx A lot!!!~~~

Answer #1

I dont think you need to quit for her… you tried really hard and practiced a lot to make the cut and to get assitant coach. your friend might nor have worked quite as hard. you shouldnt give that all up just for her. next year, just help her out practicing and stuff.

Answer #2

does she see what score you give her? I mean you could help her in a little way by giving her a little higher score but nothing to much. You shouldn’t quit because of her. If this is something you’re good at and love then if she’s a true best friend she will be happy for you and support you.

Answer #3

You should give her only a little bit higher than she deserves. but don’t give her a 10 if she was only a 3. You shouldn’t quit for her. If she was your real friend she wouldnt care. Maybe beg your coach for callbacks.

Answer #4

If you gave an honest score, you shouldn’t run from that - a good friend would expect nothing less.

Answer #5

I think that if your best friend gets so mad at you that shes going to make you choose between cheerleading and her pick cheerleading… a good friend doesnt make you choose between them and something else… she should be happy for you… even if she didnt make it… dont be dishonest on the scores though… that would mean someone else who really deserves it wouldnt get it… someone who could make your team better

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