Alcohol breath

how do I get rid of alcohol from my breath when I come home from a party so my mom wont smell it. I’ve tried everything. Help

Answer #1

I just chew a lot of gum and carry body spray with me in my purse

Answer #2

Nothing can really take alcohol off of your breath if you’ve been drinking all night. If you have one or maybe at the most two in a night all of the above might work. Otherwise, you’re just busted.

Answer #3

try having a strong mint, and just before it melts your mouth eat some dark chocolates. this has worked for me..

Answer #4

Get a tongue scraper. Bad breath is usually from stuff on your tongue. Brush your teeth, scrape your tongue then rinse with listerine.

Answer #5

it is gross but I hear pennies work lol

Answer #6

I was told this one time: Put a penny in your mouth (be careful and don’t swallow it). The metal will take the alcohol smell away. It will probably taste nasty, and no telling where it’s been, but yeah…you asked. lol

Answer #7

do not bresh your teeth , don’t use mints, don’t use chew gum don’t eat onions or garlic it just makes the smell worst. most mouth washes have alcohol in them and so does some tooth past if you did these things you are busted. drink lots of water before going home and rince with just water.

Answer #8

U could switch to vodka as it has a neutral taste and smell. If that’s not possible, there’s a herbal medicine called ‘Pudin Hara’ made from mint extracts, that masks alcohol smell quite effectively. If you’ve been drinking heavily, No matter how hard you try to mask the smell, it eventually surfaces and moms will find out.

Answer #9

Breath through your nose and open your mouth as little as possible. That will help in that the smell won’t be blowing in their faces. also try the coin trick and maybe Lotion on the skin and cologne after a shower, and that’s the best without becoming suspicious. if you have more time, try to sweat and drink water before the shower. Or come up with an excuse by spilling a beer on yourself and blaming it on someone bumping into u. That will explain the shower and change of clothes and if you bring the shirt in, then the room will fill up fast and they may just assume its the shirt.

Answer #10

hey I’m 16 and I relle got into alcohol I was drinking 5 times a week when I had a party at my house late june and my friend almost died he jumped out of his brothers car fractured his skull broke his leg and arm. cops came and I was totally trashed. I was thinking about going to AA thats how bad I get. I drank and drove once crashed my friends car. if you are under 21 trust me drinking isnt the best thing in the world but if you are older then its okay to have a few drinks.

  1. dont drink and drive
  2. always be with friends…you can get out of hand and so can guys.
  3. I always had gum with me.
  4. stay over a friends house.


Answer #11

sadly I was trying to answer this question as well, but i’ve found out that alcohol breath is not from your stomach but as a result of alcohol evaporating/leaving the surfaces of the alveoli in ur lungs (from blood ofcourse), so honestly i’ve tried everything myself, but i’ve gotten away with a breathalyzer by burping which mixes ur stomach contents kinda with your alcohol breath and the pigtails have to wait 20 mins b4 they can check you again, but if the cop is a duestch he’ll take you down to the station and get a blood sample to eff you over.

hope this helps

Answer #12

peanut butter helps. these people have given some good advise though

Answer #13

be careful.

I know that doesnt answer your question.

but please be careful.

Answer #14

drink lots of water before going home in order to dilute the alcohol levels in your blood stream and sweat. it’s hard not to smell of alcohol if you’ve been drinking all night but drinking water, eating food, brushing your teeth and rinsing with listerine would defintly make a diffference.

Answer #15

um have you tried smint??? or even chewing gum loads of it at once? smint preferbly works for me.

Answer #16

If you only drink a small amount of alcohol, gum will cover it up.

Answer #17

Before you attempt to speak to anyone of authority or drive make sure you hammer as much booze as you can…if you drink it really fast it will take longer to take effect and you have longer to hide it…remember…hammer it…make it quick cause drinking isn’t supposed to be fun its a workout.

Answer #18

Go to and get yourself some neutralizing candy. It neutralizes completely your breath for up to 8 hours. And it is super cheap, so you can pay $1.99 and be set for the ahole week or two. Good Luck!

Answer #19

I think alcohol breath smells good. DON’T COVER UP, DRINK MORE.

Answer #20

Peanuts are amazing when it comes to masking alcohol breath. You can also eat a spoonful of peanut butter. I honestly don’t know why it works, but it does. However, definitely follow the above advice: don’t drink and drive AND drink with friends.

Answer #21

there is a product called its all natural candy made in canada that gets writ of all odors and taste great and it works

It Works

Answer #22

zorbat’s idea is the best but if u dont have acess to any of that stuff before you go from the pud have a few cola because cola is very acidic it will discuise the smell.

Answer #23

try going to aa or if that doesnt work, have plenty of oral sex and the stench will cover up just about anything

Answer #24

chew on a onion it might taste like crap and make your breathe smell like onions but it better than getting cought with alochol on your breathe

Answer #25

How about DON’T DRINK?

Answer #26

I have the best method ever. because of this method I never have to deal with alcohol breath ever again. my secret? I quit drinking.

Answer #27

Yea I heard the penny thing too…

Answer #28

AntiPoleez works great or crushed coffee beans

Answer #29

Eat a guava after you drink. It really works!!! I have tried this myself a couple of times & never got caught.

Answer #30

chew cimmamon gum its work but all scrap your tongue and try eating something with garlic

Answer #31

xxx strong mints or green cardomans are good

Answer #32

dont burp or throw up and starbursts and skittles work best for me

Answer #33

xxx strong mints or chew on green cardomans

Answer #34

Peanut butter, it takes the smell away. Works for Vodka for sure. Peanuts also works, but this has always done trick for me!

Answer #35

The best, most effective way to mask the scent of alcohol from your breath is to chew a minty gum or a breath mint. You can also try and rinse and gargle with mouthwash before going home.

Foods that can help hide the smell of alcohol include:

  • peanuts/peanut butter
  • garlic
  • coffee beans
  • potato chips
  • onion

You can also try and take bentonite or charcoal capsules, both of which can be found in your local drug store or pharmacy. Both types of capsules help bind the alcohol together and helps it leave your body quicker.

If you are trying to hide your drinking from your mom, you may also want to take a change of clothes with you. The scent of alcohol can stay on your clothes for several hours, so even if you mask your breath she may be able to smell it on your clothes.

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