Do you think airlines should have the right to overcharge obese passengers because they require an extra seat?

Should airlines be allowed to charge extra, or should obesity be covered under the disabilities act that allows disabled passengers to pay regular fare for their flight?

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Answer #1

Yes. Absolutely

Answer #2

Either way is unfair. If you charge extra, you treat people unfair who are obese because of a disease. If you do not overcharge, you treat everyone else unfair and give unfair advantage to people who are obese because of careless neglect of their own health.

I think that airlines should offer 2 or 3 rows of wider seats - that includes wider seat belts - in the normal second class area. They should also have “comfortable leg space” seats for really tall people.

Anyone should be able to book those seats for an appropriate extra-fee, if they do not feel like squirming into a one foot wide torture chair for an 8 hours flight.

Then the flight company should make a rule that everyone has to be able to sit down in their seat with the handles down and fasten their seatbelt before takeoff. Those who can’t will not be transported. Safety reasons. No one wants their fellow passengers flying around the cabin in case of emergency because they can’t buckle up.

Leave it to the obese people to book their flight early and announce their obesity when booking, to be able to make a reservation for an extra-width seat.

Then make an addition to the “disabled passengers act” that allows obese people to book the extra-space seats for normal fare, IF THEY CAN PROVE that their unusual body measurement is a consequence of a disease or disability. For example if a person has got a metabolic disease that makes them obese, the seat should be normal fare. So an obese person can either bring a letter from the doctor that says that the person is disabled, or they pay extra.

And I also think that people who are more than 7 feet should get the “comfortable leg space” seats for normal fare.

Answer #3

Not all obese people choose or don’t care that they are obese. Some do have valid medical issues that sorround their weight issues and are not a result that they just like to eat. I think for those who are able to get medical documentation that their weight gain is due to medical conditions, should not be charged the extra seat.

Answer #4

I believe so. I know this sounds rude and unfair however if we have to pay extra for baggage allowance in some cases why should they get free seats? It is there own choice of what they weigh why should every one else pay for them (the tax payers provide the disability centres with the money) It is there own responsibility to control their weight and therefore can also encourage weight loss amongst the over weight/obese.

Answer #5

I think Drew Carey is a perfect example here. He got so tired of cramming in one seat, he just went and lost weight. But hes still not as funny as Ryan Stiles.

Answer #6

No… @ Stefie .. not all people choose to be fat.. some might have a medical condition or something.. They shouldn’t be charged for it..

Answer #7

Actually no, all of those conditions can be controlled. As my mum says “ its not a medical condition, im fat becasue i eat as much as i want”. Its my opinion.

Answer #8

Yep. But not everyone can just go and lose weight. Some people have severe issues. And I also really pity all the really tall people. You can’t do anything about growing tall. And airline seats are pure torture if you are tall.

Answer #9

I heard answers to this question a lot while workingat the airlines. Mostly when we were at the gate putting the passengers on the plane and a situation would present itself when a person took up half or more of another person’s seat which was taken as well… It’s tough to make an answer cause sometimes people can 100% cannot do anything about it, only to get liposuction or anothe surgery and they might not have the money or have an issue having surgery, but those aren’t many cases. I don’t know I still don’t quite have an answer.. but when working for the airlines… I know they try to get all the money they can out of people always ranking up those baggage fees and other fees for stupid things, that me and my co workers would just cancel sometimes, just crazy sometimes!!!

Answer #10

Then again to answer from other people I worked with mostly everybody said yes they should have to buy the second seat too! Of course they could of just said that out of rage and stress with the problem they have to deal infront of them of what to do now when they saw they took up two seats and they were on a strick time, as to when the plane has to take off.

Answer #11

I think such extra charges are discrimination, pure and simple, and I’m sorry to see so much blaming of fat people here, as though it were some kind of moral failure rather than a physical condition that can have many interacting causes.

Answer #12

Yes because human beings should take up the least amount of space as possible like good little farm animals, all in their stall, don’t eat that cookie, don’t you know you’ll end up FAT? DISGUSTING? WORTHLESS AND SHAMED? You don’t want that, do you sweetie?

Answer #13

No. That’s discriminatory. Maybe, just maybe, some fat people…OH GOD I KNOW IT’S SO GROSS TO THINK…but maybe they like how they look? Maybe they’re happy with themselves? Maybe they…GASP…are not greedy, selfish pigs? Perhaps both their parents were larger. MAYBE THEY DECIDED TO EAT WHATEVER THEY WANT and not care because there’s more to life than salads without the dressing. I know, it’s such a concept. Maybe they even want to get to their family in another country without being shamed for their body. Because if shame and embarrassment made people thin then we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

Answer #14

And btw…we choose to bring our extra baggage, they can’t exactly chop off their legs. Should someone with an afro have to pay for their extra hair?

Answer #15

You, Connor, are awesome.

Answer #16

Yes they should have a right. I refuse to believe that 62% of the population has some sort of genetic disorder which makes them unable to lose weight. Funily enough you never see pictures of obese people in war time when there isn’t enough food to consume or. You pay per seat and if you use two then you should pay for two. Obesity is not a disability. Pretending that it is gives people just another excuse not to make a point in living a healthy lifestyle.

Answer #17

Right, it’s not a disability. Nor is it an offense. It’s just a body shape. When I fly, I don’t pay for a seat; I pay for a trip. I expect the airline to provide me with adequate facilities for that trip. Other people should be able to expect the same.

Answer #18

Woah Connor, chill.. Its my opinion. And im sorry i think people who are obese need to do something about it. Im not syaing yeah if your over weight you should lose some pounds and become a tiny weeny lil person im saying obesity is not only a danger to your health but affects others around you. And yes we chose to have our extra bagage they chose not to get of their arses or put that double cream cake down. Unless they have real documents stating from a doctor that their weight isnt there fault then i think they should be charged.

Answer #19

Now this ^ is an answer

Answer #20

And if a thin person ate a double cream cake then they would be looked upon as normal, but fat people are obviously lazy and gluttonous. No, actually, I won’t chill. New studies have been done to show that it actually isn’t as bad for your health as people like to think it is. And newsflash, you can’t hate someone for their own good. How does it affect others around them? Because they have to look at them?

Answer #21 You should read this.

Answer #22

I think you hit the nail on the head with your statement …. it is discrimination, pure and simple.

Answer #23

Oopsie - looks like we’re getting a little heated in here :) … you both have valid opinions, so perhaps we can just agree to disagree? :)

Answer #24


Answer #25

You do pay per seat. It isn’t an offense, but you are using an extra seat which they airlines could be using to generate extra income, that is why they should be charged more.

Answer #26

Yes. why should another person have to sit rubbing shoulders and arm with an obese person who takes up more then one seat if they know they are fat book two seats

Answer #27

Yes. If they require more than one seat, of course they should pay extra.

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