Aid to Afghanistan

Do you think the United States Government should substantially increase foreign assistance to Afghanistan? Describe you views as to your choice.

Answer #1

No. The war in Afghanistan is all about drugs. I don’t know how you call the plants you make opium out of, but the US governement is using them for it’s pharmaceutical needs. The Afghan people feel much better without their aid. Proof ? Almost every single Afghan is armed and ambushes troops at night. My point of view is that, the ‘’infidels’’ (americans and UN troops) are only messing around with their economy and try to be nice infront of the media. Afghanistan, in its whole history as a country, has never been conquered. Never. That’s a sign for Americans to get the * out of there.

Answer #2

The United States Federal Government should substantially increase foreign assistance to Afghanistan by sending more money to Afghanistan. Sending more money to Afghanistan will result in a friendship between the two nations. As a result of this friendship terrorism towards America and the rest of the world will dramatically decrease. It is too risky not to give more money to Afghanistan because if we don’t give them more money they might bomb us and blow up the entire Earth. Currently there are enough bombs to blow up the entire planet 50 times. Earth is too precious a planet to risk losing. Earth is the only planet where life exists. Out of the 70,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 or 70 sextillion stars and decillions of planets and moons in the Universe the Earth is the only place in the Universe where life exists because, scientists have found no life elsewhere in the Universe. That is why we must build a friendship with Afghanistan by increasing foreign assistance to Afghanistan, so that they don’t blow up the world.

If we don’t become friends with Afghanistan human civilization could be wiped off the planet in a blink of an eye.  We cannot let this happen.  Forming a friendship with Afghanistan will help bring us closer together.  As a result of this friendship our civilization will advance, but if this friendship does not take place then there is a great possibility that human civilization will be destroyed.  If we increase foreign assistance to Afghanistan then we will soon emerge into a Kardashev Type 1 Civilization.  This will happen because America and Afghanistan will work together to become a global, planetary-wide civilization and culture.  Once these countries work together they will make great advancements in medicine, technology, and all branches of science.
Once America and Afghanistan become friends, the rest of the world will also give up all violence and become peace loving people.  As a result there will never be any wars ever again.  All the Nations will become united and the Earth will be preserved from the destruction of war.  When all the Nations are friends there will be no more hatred, tension or animosity.  All the nations will become one nation, the nation of Earth.  This is truly when the Kardashev Type 1 Civilization will emerge.
Becoming a Kardashev Type 1 Civilization is the hardest step for any civilization to achieve in its process of advancement.  Once a Kardashev Type 1 Civilization is formed, then it is very easy to keep advancing to the next level.  It gets progressively faster and easier to reach a higher level every time a level is reached.  It will take 4.6 billion years for life on Earth to advance up to the level of a Kardashev Type 1 Civilization, but from this level it will only take a mere 3,000 years for us to become a Kardashev Type 2 Civilization.  Once a Kardashev Type 2 Civilization is reached it will only take a mere 2,600 years to become a Kardashev Type 3 Civilization.  If America substantially increases its foreign assistance to Afghanistan it will advance up to a Kardashev Type 3 civilization and maybe even beyond.  If America and Afghanistan become friends then mankind will become a Kardashev Type 1 Civilization by the year 2200, a Kardashev Type 2 Civilization by the year 5200, and a Kardashev Type 3 Civilization by the year 7,800. 
This is absolutely amazing.  By substantially increasing foreign assistance to Afghanistan, mankind will go from being a Kardashev Type 0 Civilization to a Kardashev Type 3 civilization in less than 5792 years.  Substantially increasing foreign assistance to Afghanistan will help create fully enclosed Dyson Spheres fully coated with photovoltaic cells which will enable mankind to harness all of the energy of the Sun, the Milky Way Galaxy, the Local Group, the Virgo Supercluster, the CfA2 Great Wall galaxy filament, The much larger Sloan Great Wall Galaxy filament, which is currently the largest known structure in the Universe, the observable universe, the much larger entire Universe, and the entire Multiverse.  This will give mankind enormous amounts of energy to sustain its rapidly growing population.
By substantially increasing foreign assistance to Afghanistan, we will not only create Dyson spheres but, by working together we will also be able to create 62,000 mile high space elevators, launch loops, lunar space elevators, space fountains, Dyson Swarms, Dyson Shells, Dyson Bubbles, Dyson Nets, Niven Ring Halos, the ability of Mind uploading, the process of star lifting, Faster-Than-Light speeds, instant teleportation, traversable wormholes, artificial stars, artificial black wholes, flying cars, Artificial Gravity, Artficial Anti-Gravity, Anti-aging formulas, our own weather, our own planets and moons, our own solar systems and galaxies, our own super clusters and galaxy filaments, and even our own universes. 
This will enable mankind to rule the entire Multiverse.  If Mankind dominates the entire Multiverse then they would become an immortal race.  Nothing would be able to kill them off.  The more planets that we colonize the better are chances of survival.  We are but one endangered species on one small planet filled with war.  The chances that mankind will survive much longer is slim, so we must act now.  We have to substantially increase the foreign assistance to Afghanistan and put our differences behind.  This will stop all the war in the world and then instead of killing each other off, we will work together to ensure the survival of the human race.  There is nothing that could kill off the entire human race if we were spread out all over the Multiverse.  The Multiverse will exist forever because we can keep on replenishing it by creating more universes to fill it up with.  To create a Universe all we have to do is take one atom and make it explode into a Big Bang, and in less than one decillionth, 10^-33 , of a second we will have a universe billions of light-years wide. 
We could make giant Universe Factories and produce Universes at faster-than-light speeds.  People would get paid incredible amounts of money to work as a Universal Engineer.  The fame and fortune would attract many people to this occupation.  Many people who come to this profession will probably have significant work experience in careers such as a Planetary Engineering, Stellar Engineering, and Galactic Engineering.  Universal Engineers would have a hard but rewarding job to do.  They would be faced with many challenges like deciding on what law of physics they want to prevail in each universe and they would have to arrange stars and galaxies for a nice professional look.  
They don’t want to just slap a universe together.  They want to take their time and do a good job the first time around.  The process of creating a Universe will take less than a mulltillionth of a second, but the process of arranging and decorating a universe will take a long time.  Then they would have to create life on some of the planets.  They have to carefully measure the planet and the solar system’s habitable zones.  First they must create a planet that is not too close and not too far from the star it revolves around.  This is called the Circumstellar habitable zone.  This needs to be done because a planet has to be just the right distance from its star in order contain liquid water.  If a Universal Engineer makes one mistake and places a planet outside of the Circumstellar habitable zone, or ecosphere, then they will have to start all over.  In addition to this life can only be created around G2 Stars like our Sun because the other stars are either too hot or too cold.
Even if a planet is located in the Circumstellar habitable zone it would still have to be located in the Galactic habitable zone.  This is because in order for life to exist, a solar system must be close enough to the galactic center of its galaxy so that enough heavy elements exist in order to form rocky planets.  In addition to this a solar system must be close enough to its galactic center for heavier elements like iron, and iodine to exist, because they are the necessary elements that form complex molecules of life.  On the other hand, if the solar system is too close to the galactic center of its galaxy then it will contain no life due to impacts from comets, asteroids, radiation from Supernovae, close encounters from passing stars, and the super massive black hole in the center of the galaxy.  There is too much radiation for life to exist too close to the galactic center of a galaxy.  This is why the Earth is the only habitable place in the Universe, and why we must protect it from terrorists.  In order to stop terrorism we must substantially increase our foreign assistance to Afghanistan.
Answer #3

No, why should they help a lost cause, only to have more people die as a result!

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