Do you agree or disagree with Iraq?

Do you agree or disagree with George Bush’s actions of putting soldiers in Iraq(Middle East) and then slowly taking them out? I would appreciate any answers. Be detailed and explain your side to the best of your abilities. Thanks! ~Alanna

Answer #1

I think that what buch is doing is good with the troops,but I kinda think that this country should leave all the other countries alone, you know? I mean we dont like being attacked but how you think the other cuontries like it when they get perstered to change there ways,every one has defferent beliefs

Answer #2

disagree I dont understand how dropping bombs on children can bring ‘peace’ I think that if we continue in this lost cause then things, to put it simply, will get worse we’re pouring gas on an ever burning fire over there soldiers are getting absolutly screwed

I know this sounds like im contradicting myself but IF this war DOES continue (and I dont WANT this to happen) we should just do a draft and get it over with hell, id go if I was old enough

Answer #3

I strongly disagree.. I don’t like wars… if bush said that he want to catch a terrorist, he’s in a big damn mistake.. well although saddam has killed many of his men.. but bush has killed millions of innocent people in iraq… including children and woman..

     in addition... america also not a very peaceful place that he can interrupt other places.. like he is the role model of peace!! (yeah.. right)

so just mind your own bussiness will ya.. nobody like to be interrupt espeacially if it including wars!!!

     and about back up bush, yeah,, like a million of them disagree but other millions agree... so how this thing will work out.. I mean mostly americans agree to war...
     plus... if he just want to put saddam to the death and only for the sake of iraq country... why the  men in iraq is being torture by the soldiers?? why there are no safety places for the children and woman to keep safe?? why bombs are everywhere?? 
 and moreover why he killed saddam on the day of aidil adha ( muslim celebration day) like there are no other day to do so.. and its obvious that this including get rid of muslims... and not to forget for the oil!!
     I remember when iraq war is first "held"... iraq people burn their well of oil... its just like they don't trust bush as for their saviour...  if they don't trust him, how could he make a peace for them??? it just not right...
     and last but not least... I remember when I first learn the rule of war in school... 

that is not to hurt innocent people (woman and children espeacially) , do not take advantage of the country ( for the oil) , do not bomb the historical place which hide thounsand of precious ancient thing which is important for the country.. ( the library).. for all I know bush bomb the historical places and yeah.. it keeps secret bout ISLAM .. why there are so many discrimination???

P/s: sorry for not so good language… and hey don’t you fall for rumours that kept saying iraq there and there.. it just another reason why they want to bomb iraq! trust me…

Answer #4

Agree - A president’s number 1 job is security of his/her country - Freedom must be protected and freedom doesn’t come free - it comes with a cost - all it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing - may God continue to richly bless America.

Answer #5

Disagree. I am not for any type of war, especially a war that has nothing to do with terrorist attacks on the United States. After George Bush Sr. went to Iraq and couldn’t get the job done of removing Saddam from power, it was W’s turn to try. And, surprisingly, he succeeded. In any case, the main goal, if anyone remembers, was to go to Afghanistan and get Osama Bin Laden. But look how that turned out. We didn’t get him, at least no proof of him. And then, as the bright minds and oil and money-hungry-looking eyes turned to Iraq, we said, “Hey. We’re in a War on Terror, Saddam is a terror, let’s attack him even though Iraq doesn’t have the capabilities to attack us from where they are, let alone from anywhere seeing as they really don’t have weapons of mass destruction but we’ll say they do. Oh yeah, and oil. We like oil.” So no, I don’t believe it was a good idea to go to Iraq. Most of the nation doesn’t think it’s a good idea to be there. And we have spoken out about it, but the government won’t listen because the government doesn’t care because democracy has turned to crap.

Answer #6


Answer #7

But it is definitely time to bring some troops home. Start scaling back. A base there is not that necessary since we have Kuwait. I doubt if anyone would invade the U.S.. To many people here have guns and are not afraid to use them. Especially on each other.

Answer #8

I agree. First we haven’t had any of these terrorist problems since the president went to Iraq. Second it is definately a good move to eventually set up a base in this part of the world. I think it is definately a strategic move. Better to fight there then here.

Answer #9

Agree, I mean in Iraq they were alot of killings.The leader would just kill a guy or a girl if you say you don’t like him.Thats a honestly fact.

Answer #10

Thanks for all your opinions. You all explained your sides explicatively and backed your statements. I’ll later try and come out with another question such as this but I want to do more research about this subject for now. Again thanks. ~Alanna

Answer #11

Invading Iraq was a horrible idea. I am not for the war, but we NEED to get troops out of Iraq and back in Afghanistan. There are more terrorist plots there than anywhere else.

Answer #12

I could understand (sort of) South Korea and Vietnam (stopping Communism) but Iraq? It just doesn’t make sense. Either Bush and/or his advisers have an agenda for attacking Iraq in the first place or he has fallen into the Mother of all dupes by Osama Bin Laden.

I don’t understand how the citizens of America can still back him when he has spent so much of their country’s money and after so many deaths of soldiers. To secure the future secuirty of the US by attacking a whole nation which wasn’t involved with 9/11 in the first place. I don’t understand it. Someone please enlighten me and not with that kind of case building against Iraq intelligence speak which most normal human beings won’t understand.

Answer #13

Of the numerous people I know not all of them back Bush, they actually are against what he is doing. Yes, many people do back him but not everyone. There are those that completely despise everything George Bush does and what he’s about. No matter what happens, there will always be people that agree and disagree with a leader but sometimes there’s more of a certain opinion, such as more people disagreeing with Bush’s actions than agreeing with them.


Answer #14

agree, i like bush he has done alot of mistakes though. Bush was not the only one who wanted to go over there at 1st. hilary and al gore and others were for it at 1st. Plus if we pul our troops out now there will be a blood shed Sunnis and Shiites will kill each other. U don’t have to fight either. And Saddam Hussein when he was allive he killed thousands of his own people plus tortured them.

Answer #15

I disagree with the war in Iraq. This is not an anti-war attitude. This is one of facts that the entire country has chosen to ignore. The man responsible for 9/11 was not from or associated with Iraq. The crimes committed by Saddam happened many many many years ago when we were supporting his role in his country for our fear of Iran. The WMD’s have been proven to be true and did exist, however the intel was so old and unnoticed that three years later we are finding that the WMD was found already and is presently in New York (not Iraq) in American custody. The politicians promoting the war efforts have came out with misleading and outright false information in regards to civilian casualties in Iraq to sway public opinion. Oil is not the reason for the war or George Bush would not have made the statement following the invasion that we need to ween ourselves off of oil and find alternative energy sources.

We made a move on a country when our president had personal (not public) goals in mind. Several affiliates of the administration have become filthy rich over this. Backing out of an occupation would prove our own ignorance and guilt over misguided information and outright lies. So we are stuck there till we can bow out respectfully without the world chastising us for this. We had a weak president and a very dirty set of politics brought forth as a new norm for government business. We gave up our rights involuntarily and spent tons of money to convince ourselves that this was the right thing to do. The only positive thing that came out of this war was the trial of Saddam.

And for the “fighting here vs. there” argument, remember that they weren’t Iraqi that attacked us on our soil. We failed by starting this war because we let the criminals who did this to us get away without punishment and let the world know that we will use these instances to act irrationally. So what is stopping anyone from doing this again? Are we safer? Have any of you ever been to an airport since 9/11? Are we getting dumber as a country? Do our troops matter to anyone who lives in America besides me? The country needs to open their eyes and think with their minds and not their hearts on this. Just because a man says that he is Christian and Anti-abortion does not equal righteousness in all things besides.

Answer #16

The worth of a soldier is never appreciated during peace. A Soldier’s value becomes apparent only in time of War. Diplomats nor Presidents will never end war, only soldiers will end war. GW made a hard decision to put son’s and daughter’s of America in harms way and will forever live with his decision. Some have died so others may experience freedom in a land where once freedom was unknown. I have been Honored to have known some of those who have served and lost and yet to hear one say “ bad idea”. heard them say, hard time, bad memory, poor commanders, wish the people in America knew the truth, people in Iraq/Afghanistan appreciate us! lost a damn good friend, etc. best one I heard was, “i’m under the moon NOW! get a fix! from a lost Lt.

It would appear the surge is working, violence is down, BUT again Ramadan is upon us. Iraqi forces should also be stepping up to fill some gaps. As Democracy takes hold in Afghanistan and Iraq (if you can call it that) Iran, Syria, Jordan and Saudi will become uneasy. What I find interesting is how inpatient Americans are. It took about 10 years for us to declare indepedance from England and draft a constitution. It took 72 years for womens sufferage in America. In 1774 one reason the states could not agree on the Constitution was slavery, yet over 100 years later in 1865 after the Civil War the 13th Amendment was passed. In the 1950’s a Man named Friedman, called privatizing social security because he foresaw problems in the future. In 1978 A young man named George Bush ran for a Texas House seat with the idea of revamping the Social Security system. He lost. Reagan ran under less Government is better, but was told dont touch. here we are 60 years later.

So many others, we cannot even agree on. Yet after only a few years in Iraq, We Americans are outraged that those poor Iraqi’s cannot pull it together and live in peace! When I was in Afghanistan, I was amazed at the resourcefulness of the people! They were in a drought and w/o electric and water they made bricks with dirt and urine. So when the US comes in and builds a power plant and water system and the Taliban blows it up, who do you think they hate? Problem is now they got cell phones and TV. All they hear is how the US is going to abandon them. Who is goiing to protect them from the Taliban when we leave? Everyone keeps saying it? the Taliban are not Afghanistan or even Iraq? Where is Bin Laden from? Saudi and they got money! So yes, get Iraq on it’s feet, let them become rich with their oil! Let them become an Ally of Democracy & freedom! And watch what will happen to the middle east. We lose more Americans to obesity (or car accidents) in a year than we have Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. NOT that losing any Soldiers is the right answer. It is simply a fact. A fact is we lose Soldiers in Peace time also, by car accidents, etc.

Too bad more Americans were not as passionate about exercise and weight loss as they were about politics and religion. OR maybe we should be more passionate about politics and religion and let that spill into everything else.

I am sorry if I have offended anyone.

Answer #17

I think that we should make and agreement and have us all live in peace because war is hell and gross and we need to stop!!!

Answer #18

I disagree on it he is killing innocent poeple

Answer #19

Agree - I’d rather the fight be over there than over here.

Answer #20

He technically did win but the Electoral College picked Bush. In other words, he won the peoples vote. ~Alanna

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