10 african american athelets that made a difference in society?

Can anyone name at least 10 african american athelets that made a significant difference in american society??

Answer #1

is this a black history month question? this is ridiculous. name one athlete, of ANY race, that’s made a difference, EVER! they’re athletes. they’re better at putting a ball into a hole than anyone else…hooray for them. how is that supposed to change the world? tell your teacher to grow up. your teacher’s probably looking for something like when roger bannister broke the 4 minute mile in 1954. this isn’t overly exciting now, but at the time it was considered impossible, so it was groundbreaking. the problem is that roger bannister was white and british, so it doesn’t help you. -or maybe it does. write your report on roger bannister, and tell your teacher it’s racist to only honor athletes based on the color of their skin, and not the accomplishments they’ve made. see how that goes for you. good luck with that…live the dream.

Answer #2

ignore his post.

Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, Muhammad Ali, Jesse Owens, Arthur Ashe, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods.

There’s 7.

When it comes to athletes you have to look for people who were the first to do something - Robinson was the first African American in the major leagues.

Or who broke records - Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s legendary homerun record.

Or who are just amazing and legendary - Jordan, Woods, etc.

Good luck!

Answer #3

noiseless is just making my point for me. robinson - oh good, black people know how to play baseball too. I was worried for a minute. aaron - yay, he’s better at hitting a ball than someone else, let’s celebrate his greatness. jordan and woods - good at playing with balls…do I really need to elaborate on that? even my example of the 4 minute mile just proves that he was faster than some other guy. and his record has been beaten a hundred times over by people faster than him. tell your teacher she’s retarded.

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