I made the swim team and now my schedule is packed

I made the swim team. they gave a us the schedule and we have practice everyday expect for sunday. the only problem is that I hope it wont conflict with my school work. the practices are like for 5:00-7:00. pm. any ideas on how to time manage myself so that I will be able to succeed in swimming and in school. please give me organization advice and maybe how to set a schedule for me. I need help. please.

Answer #1

I am in the same boat that you are in, except I have tennis and actually have practice twice a day! What I do is, first, I have a planner. I religiously put in all my “have to be there” things. Like class, practice, meetings, etc. Then in a journal or notebook paper I write out what my schedule will be like and how I will be using my “free time” for the next month of school and tennis stuff. So one day may look like: wakeup:7am. 7-730 get ready/eat. 730-830: practice 9-10: get ready for school, etc. 10-1150 class. 1150-1250 lunch 1-4 class 4-430 get ready for tennis 430-630 tennis 630-7 dinner 7-11 study 11-7 sleep It looks hectic, and everyday my schedule is different, but I never feel rushed because I plan everything out like this a month in advance. Also, I take the time that I dont have any tennis or school on sunday, I wake up early and I since I have a syllabus for my classes, I do all of next week’s work in advance. By the middle of the semester, I have done most of the classwork and am actually ahead of the curve. Smart right? Also, I always put in at least 8 hours of sleep a day! Just take the time now to write it all out and you will be fine!

hope I helped!

Answer #2

well first off congrats on making the swim team :]

you have to make sure you are getting sleep no matter what otherwise you won’t have any energy for school or swim. go to sleep at a decent time at night. pay attention in class so if you have homework or a test it won’t take you as long to study. but leave time for studying. after school don’t hesitate do homework as soon as you get home that way you can start earlier you’ll get done earlier. if you get done before you go to practice you have time to rest a little bit. also make sure you are eating your 3 meals a day so you don’t get sick and have energy. with school work just don’t procrastinate do it as soon as you know you have something that way it will save you time in the end.

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