Affected by alcohol?

does anyone you know drink too much?

do you drink much?

what do you think of people with alcohol problems?…

Ok, I have been doing a research project on alcohol…

As a person who had a problem with alcohol, I thought it would be interesting. I saw on here that someone defined being an alcoholic as someone who had let it affect their life, as in job loss etc. It’s really not that at all, being an alcoholic is about loosing the ability to control HOW MUCH you drink.

So, if you can’t just have one drink, and you are compelled to get wasted, then you may have a destructive attitude to drinking.

If you want to drink as a routine, then it may be becoming habitual…like, having a couple when kids go to bed, or when you get in from work

the point is, is someone is unhappy with their drinking, but finding it hard to do something about it, I am going to start up a group where you can join if you drink, or if you don’t, if you haven’t given up booze and could offer some advice.

I see lots of stuff in the media, and I see so many people in the hospital who are there through alcohol misuse, whose livers and kidneys are failing, the frightening part s the patients seem to be getting younger and younger. I know Britain has a very bad drink culture and the attitude towards alcohol is very very bad… Britain seems to have a ‘get drunk to the point of passing out quick as you can’… I also know that the states appear to have a much better attitude towards alcohol, do you think that has anything to do with the higher age restrictions? What do you think of the British drinking phenomenon, and why do you think it is this way?

Please, if anyone has any concerns about themselves, friends or family, this could be a really good place to get some support… or if you don’t understand how someone can loose control, then let me know!

I would be very grateful for any input….

Peace out!

Answer #1

I seriously can’t control my drinking, its insane. its been a couple weeks since I went a day without alcohol. just turned 21 too so that doesn’t help. but I’ve been drinking since about 13 every weekend. but recently its just been overkill, I just can’t have a few, it turns into 10 real quick. I’ve been on this path of self destruction my whole life, and I just don’t give a sht. I know it will be the death of me, my friends encourage it and its a part of our way of life. I drank probably a whole 30 rack myself last Saturday, you know what my friends say, good work. last night I went to the bars after drinking a couple 40oz’s, I have to wake up at 7:45am to start getting ready for work. needless to say I was late, and that happens a lot. its out of my control. 2 weeks ago went to the bar for the first time, don’t remember how I got home. second time this last weekend, I had to have an arm around each of my friends as they dragged me home. woke up with cuts all over me, and thats seriously normal to me. you guys just couldn’t believe the amount of alcohol I can consume, its insane. and its fcked up because im proud of that. all my friends are. the next day I don’t know if I was going through withdrawls or what, but I thought my hart was about to explode. so I drank a couple to calm me down, I was fckin scared. and I still got wasted last night. I really don’t know why I do it, all I know is that im not going to stop and I just don’t care. fck it, thats my policy for most sh*t. I need to change my view on life, I’ve alway’s figured I’d die young, so why not have the most fun I can while I can.

Answer #2

Simply a Rose to brighten your day,         And maybe lessen the cares in your way;         And also, too, to help you to know,         That in knowing you, many others grow!

  An Alcohol Support Group. Good idea. It might not only help alcoholics but those whose lives are affected by others being alcoholic.

I’m lucky, I’ve never been an alcoholic BUT I do have close relatives who are and I see the destruction that alcoholism causes.

Personally, because of the destruction I’ve seen with my relatives and with other people (cab driver for 30 years), I wouldn’t be put off it prohibition returned. Sure prohibition would penalize those of us who don’t drink to excess, but it would sure save a lot of lives, relationships and medical expenses.

Barring prohibition, I think more laws regarding “individual” prohibition should be developed by society so that people who were problem drinkers would be prevented from legally acquiring alcohol.

Answer #3

Yehh thats what ex’s are like arent they =[. Him and the rest of my family didn’t want anything to do with me since I discovered I was pregnant always kicking me out and things and still to this day dont want to talk to me. I try and phone them at least 3times a week and go around but they never answer , They have never seen their 1month old grandson either. =[

Answer #4

No People DOnt Like To Step Up And Say Sumthin They Fear The Unknown …My grandfather is A major Alcoholic and it effects my sick grandmother …Whenever theres an issue in the family he pulls out the acohol and start drinkin…Use ta beat my grandma …I Worked with a women whos drunk husband use ta beat her sad what acohol dose to people

Answer #5

yeah I have been ALLL my life both my parents … hell every living member of my family is an alcoholic …

and I didnt read your whole question because I was too lazy so if I missed part of the question tell me lol.

Answer #6

personally from my first hand experince I have sturggled with a drug and alcohol addiction since I was young. im not going to go into detail because theres no since in it. but I entered a drug and alcohol rehab program in january of 2005 after my family and friends gave me their ultimatum, and said its us or your addiction I chose my family and friends. I entered rehab and finished the 12 step program, thanks to my loved ones I have been sober since Jan 05, it takes the act of loved ones and self realization to come out of a self destructive way of living. I still to this day attend AA meetings to keep my life on track and give my support to others with addiction.

Answer #7

That is dead sad about your mother in law bless her =[ My dad has always drank since I can remember , there is no doubt, he was a brilliant dad although he used 2 drink he used to take care of me and my sister, give us money and make sure we was happy and playing games, but like you said he cant control how much he drinks and it breaks my heart because I know hes killing himself with every sip of beer he takes and every drag of a fag, my uncle, his brother died from drinking and smoking and yet he cant stop. He doesnt want the help though, But if he does it becuase he enjoys it, who am I to get in the way? We dont talk anymore but he was a great dad when we did and I still love him! You might think I am way to young to drink at 16 but to me its normal.

Answer #8

that’s why drinking is referred to as hereditory…I think it’s nurture over nature…

that’s why I stopped, I just thought, hang, I don’t want my kids to have to live the shame of loosing a parent to alcohol…not that I was ever on a sidewalk swiging meths… just didn’t like the fact that my kids would see me, and like you, I have an ex who’s only too quick to throw judgements at me..

I’m sorry you don’t see your dad…why?

Answer #9

thank you, I’m going to re-poet this later, I know it’s quiet on here at this time… and as you say, a place where people can go to try and cope better with either their own drinking / not drinking or how to deal with their friends and families would be good.

my mother in law dies when she was just 48 from alcohol related issues, that meant my hubby had no mother by the time he was 25…thats pretty sad. the sadest part was that she gave up drinking in the last 2 months of her life and said she’d never been happier…what a waste :(

Answer #10

yes… hmm what do I think, I think they cant deal with life and so they drink…

Answer #11

wow! I can’t believe that no one is effected by alcohol…


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