Advisors who are writing English as an additional language

There are many good contributors on this site who speak English as a second or even third or fourth language! Congratulations to all you guys - I struggle in my second language (French) every day, and I could not do what you do here.

Most of us here speak English as our only language. I’d like to apologise if some of us are sometimes a bit intolerant of grammar etc. My suggestion is that we should check the advisor’s country of origin before complaining about their English, or implying that they havn’t tried hard enough/thought things through properly.

And my question is: If you DO speak more than one language, what are your other languages?

Answer #1

Well I’ve yet to go to a country where their isn’t loads of Irish. I think we’ve just multiplied too much and taken over countrys. Irish People coming to a town near you soon!

Answer #2

english is my first. german, second. spanish, third. german was a bugger to learn. when living there, I am sure that I was laughed at from tubenigen to the border. lol. I once heard the actress maureen o’hara speaking irish, what a lovely and lively language.

Answer #3

I could if you’d like. here il tell you what il teach you some basic stuff for when we are over in Paris beating you French in the Rugby tomorrow lol.

Conas ata tu? - How are you?- Prenounced- cunis ataw too Failte- Welcome- Prenounced: falltye Slan- Goodbye Prenounced: slon Pog mo rhon- Kiss my A*s- prenounced: poug mu rown

Give them a go if you meet any Irish in Toulouse wether tomorrows 6 nations or any Heineggan cup games Leinster and Munster beat you at lol.

Just a little friendly rivalry! lol

Answer #4

Thank you! Friendly rivalry welcome… The pronunciation guide is most welcome too. I do remember the band the Pogues, and see the relation to your final phrase…

Answer #5

Looking at your first phrase, do you realise that you could say: ‘comment vas tu?’ (pronounced ‘com-o va too’) to ask ‘how are you?’ in French. It sounds suspiciously like the same thing in Irish. You guys haven’t secretly taken over the world, have you?

Answer #6

English is my second language Irish is my first. Thats the way its meant to be but I speak in English but sometimes you get mad moments like Id speak both in one

Answer #7

I speak English first, and Spanish second. My degree is in Spanish, and I lived in Costa Rica for nearly a year…but, that’s me.

My wife, English is her second language, however, she had English throughout her school / college years, and has lived in the US more than her native country.

Though, clearly, I’m not one of the advisors who are using English as a second language ;) And I agree, it’s very difficult for me to do things in my second language, even though I’ve had more than 8 years of school & a year of overseas living to polish my skills.

Answer #8

I have spanish as a 2nd language, but I’m really really rusty on it though!

Answer #9

Sorry, I guess I don’t mean ‘Advisors’, I mean everyone here. But thanks for what you’ve told us so far!

Answer #10

Can you write in Irish? It’s an amazing language!

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