Do us advisors not have our tools or abilities right now while the sites still changing or do i not have them because im using my phone?

Answer #1

It’s not you. Not sure if we’re getting them back? I hate not being able to move things to the right category (my OCD brain spazzes out)

Answer #2

I got a rubber ducky you can squish to calm you down! :)

Answer #3

I see all the doubles or miscategorized questions and it drives me crazy too. I miss my tools…

Answer #4

nah, the only thing to do would be to organize.

Need to organize!

Answer #5

See, how this one isnt in the funadvice category. I wish I hadnt looked :( I’ve taken to not looking anymore.

Answer #6

opens filing cabinet I know you like that… ^.^

Answer #7

claps with glee ;)

Answer #8

yanks out all the papers and throw them at ty Muahahahaa!!!! :3

Answer #9

puts paper in the shredder
hope those papers werent important!

Answer #10

gulps ummm not at all, only my birth certificate and my high school diploma…

Answer #11

hmm i thought i noticed something official look! oh well ;)

hopes someone’s learned their lesson

Answer #12

nods head Yes I did… Speaking of which, how did you put all that paper in the shredder so fast?!

Answer #13

Lots of practice and a really big shredder :)

Answer #14

I used to fix the shredder in the clinic every time it got stuck. Lots of practice!

Answer #15

Hmmm grins Lets see if you can clean this one up! grabs trash bin and dumps shredded paper on ty :)

Answer #16

grabs a broom

Answer #17

forgets the paper and begins to smack miguel over the head

Answer #18

Ow Ow Ow! Hey! Watch it you nimrod! Grrr! nudges ty

Answer #19

You’re getting them back. The admin don’t even have the tools they need right now, so the techies are just working one piece at a time :)

Answer #20

You can flag the doubles and fun mail me the miscategorized stuff. although J and I have been pretty ontop of categories…

Answer #21

So far, ya’ll can flag stuff. If it’s a duplicate or against ToU (I can’t even delete, I’m flagging them myself).

As for rude members or people who need to be deleted, Fun Mail me a link to their account and explanation of why.

Categories, I can change…but I’m pretty on top of it when I’m on (check every hour) and Jeremy is on when I’m not…if something is in the wrong category for a long period of time, shoot me a Fun Mail.

Heaven is right, all the tools will eventually be back in place. They’re just limited for everyone (myself included) right now. All I can do that you guys cannot is change the category and disable accounts…

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