What's the worst advice you've ever taken?

Answer #1

I can’t say I’ve ever gotten any bad advice, best advice I got was one day at the beach when I really needed to pee and it was really windy so I figured I’d go against a tree and my friend said “Make sure you piss with the wind, not into it”

Answer #2

“Well if you dont like living so much, just go kill yourself already”.

Answer #3

listening 2 my friends saying it oh kk 2 have sex with my bf n nw ian knocked up

Answer #4

I asked my mom on Saturday if it was a great idea to visit this woman I like knowing it was very windy and raining outside, all she could say is: It’s up to you, you decide.

I needed some small advice that she couldn’t take 3 minutes to spare.

Answer #5

listening 2 my friends saying it oh kk 2 have sex with my bf n nw iam knocked up n they can have fun n icant

Answer #6

That was VERY bad advice.

Answer #7

It was bad advice I completley agree, but just cause someone says “JUMP” doesnt mean jump. You cant completley blame it on them.

Answer #8

ikr but it is okay iam going 2make the of best being a mommy

Answer #9

condomize before you sexercise!

Answer #10

Hearing “You need to just let it go. Forget about it”. I hate that. First of all, it’s not like it’s that easy. Also, it just seems like the person is shutting you out, and you end up feeling even worse afterwards because you feel like you can’t bring it up or talk about it anymore.

Answer #11

I hate that too but sometimes that is the case, most the time there are better things to say though..

Answer #12

oh wow n iam become a mommy wheater i like or nt n idc wht ppl say n would if u was im my shoes wht will u do

Answer #13

I wouldnt have had sex with the guy. &None of us are passing judgement or anything so calm down we dont mean to be offensive.

Answer #14

iam good she need stop trying to joke with me n kianna iam nt tlk bout noneof yall n iam tlkn bout kahili ididnt like wht she said

Answer #15

I can’t say that I’ve ever really 100% asked for advice, so when people try to give me some sort of advice I tend to tune it out without realizing it. I guess that’s a bad thing sometimes :P

Answer #16

You don’t like me telling you to protect yourself next time? You’d rather me give you bad advice like your friends did?

Answer #17

in that case i would have waited because if you do like someone you wouldn’t want to be ill

Answer #18

“Don’t worry - it won’t matter if you get there late”

Answer #19

“She’s a nice gal, you should ask her out”

Answer #20

oh kkkkk

Answer #21

The more you suffer on earth the greater your reward in heaven.

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