What's the worst advice someone gave you?

It doesn’t have to be about something in particular, just in general. What’s the worst advice someone told you when you asked a question

Answer #1

My aunt once told me I would die if my temp got above 102. I was scared to get sick for YEARS. Dumbass. Ugh.

Answer #2

LOL my aunt told me to rub ice AL over my forehead wen my temp was 102! LIKE bare ice! u know how dumb tht is! i got worse!

Answer #3

My mom said that if i stayed in the bath tub for long enough i would turn into a mermaid. The worst 7 hours of my life.

Answer #4

:O! that made me giggle! Sorry Nicole, I couldn’t help it! :(

Answer #5

It’s okay:) I looked like a rasin:O

Answer #6

O.o what did your mommy say after that!

Answer #7


Answer #8

That maybe next time after the first half and hour i should have gave up:( But i refused!

Answer #9

When I was little I watched a plant/ flowers show on TV. They said that fertilizer could make anything grow faster than if you were to plant it naturally. I ‘planted’ my doll in the garden hoping for a bigger one. I feel cheated. LOL.

Answer #10

Oh gosh this reminds me of something hilarious. My stepbrother’s relative, when he was a kid, put an onion up his ass to stop itching. He was only 3 years old! Lmao!

Answer #11

just go out and do it and i say well thanx a lot for the advice

Answer #12

Oh my god… LOL :)

Answer #13

lol this gave me the best laugh ever :D

Answer #14

mine probably would have to be. a friend telling me

“ Go ahead hit him, he don’t hit back”

:( i had a black eye for days, along with other sores

Answer #15

Wow… That sucks, funny too :)

Answer #16

lol that was the longest 5 mins of my life.. i learned a great lesson that day also :)

Answer #17

never use your right hand to punch? :P

Answer #18

:D no never fight if your friends say so.

Answer #19

No fights yet, I’m clean :)

Answer #20

My cousin told me if I play with my belly button, my guts would come out. I’m afraid of belly buttons now. lol.. =/

Answer #21


Answer #22

my friend told me when i was 7 that if i jump up and down, that id fly. Try doing that for three hours and not throwing up :/

Answer #23

Ow! that’s…. ow.

Answer #24

Ahaha, aweee. xD That made my day. xD

Answer #25

Yep lol.. It didn’t stop the itchiness. I don’t know how she came up with that.

Answer #26

My friend told me that if put a rubber band in my mouth around my teeth, it’d make them straighter. ….. I now know that rubber bands have a disgusting taste, and it doesn’t work. =]

Answer #27

Ahahah…..sry that’s funny :)

Answer #28

Hahaha poor elly bean:)

Answer #29

Haha cuteeee

Answer #30

Haha cuteeee

Answer #31

Ha! ^ Sorry

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