Where can i advertise my ebay ads for free?

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you have to be here for such and such a time to post links due to idiots spamming

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Im not saying on here,im saying websites other than funadvice.Any ideas?

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oh sorry my bad i thought youd only just signed up.. maybe ebay is a banned link :S ask an admin :)

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ask them ;)

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use other websites like twitter. folloe manny people and they will get your updated. just keep updating everywehre. twitter, facebook, tumbler,youtube,my sapce and there are many more.

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I am not sure exactly which ones, but I think we used some free portals to place adds of our business like maybe msn...I think google may also allow some free ads as well also try AdsFree(.co) (all in one line since we cant add links) :P

hope those have helped


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