Is having lots of pets stressful?

having lots of pets is that any stress on you

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The only way it is stressful is if you take on more than you can handle personally. I have 8 Cocker Spaniels and it is a lot of work, some people would only be able to handle 1 or 2 and others could handle 10. It is all about knowing limits. The dogs have good days and bad days just like people do so every day is different for us. We have health insurance on all our dogs so we are prepared for whatever comes along. That keeps the stress at a minimum, not having a big financial issue.

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They are not stressful at all because I have a lot of pets and they are no stress at all, I love them all the same amount.:)

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Yes it is a lot of stress my mother is a wildlife career so we have had up to 100 animals in a year...including ours, it is very stressful because there is only so much you can take, the food costs a lot (volunteer work), clothing or bedding for the animals , medicine...and also you spend a lot of time with them whilst you could be doing other things...

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Hmmm I have one beautimuss kitty and shes...awesome! Well...shes a responsibility (yeah I cant spell...obviously) but...its one ya learn to love!!!

; )

Ohhh you meant a lot of pets...well including my mom...yeah thats a handful... haha

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Pets cause momentary stress at times...but it's combatted by long term stress relief...Animals are good for people...they take their minds off themselves, and allow them to think of other beings. Plus there's the added benefit of stress relief from exercise, that you can't get in front of a computer.


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I love having lots of animals. It is a lot of work to take care of them but I love them so it doesn't matter.

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thats so funny my mom did that she had 3 girls and we always had animals you could stand there for like 30 secs before she even got to one of our names (probably not that long but you know what I mean) lol lol

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well I should mum has well over over 100 pets!!
she takes in a lot of injured animals from the vets and people who find them, as well as them we also have our own pets...weve got rats, chickens, geese, ducks, turtles, turkeys, a snake, lots of different birds, lizards, possums, guinea pigs...and even a pig!! as well as others. sometimes it can be but it depends on how much you love animals and if you have the time to take care of them all. it probably does stress my mum out every now and then...because she needs to wake up early to feed them all. but if your prepared to do all that then its more of a hobby. it becomes something that you do because you love it and it makes you happy. if your that kind of person then there shouldnt be any worries!

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My favorite is when your parents are trying to yell at you and they go through all the names...even the dogs

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I have; 4 cats, 1 dog, and 2 fish and having them doesn't cause stress on me. I love every one of them and I love showing them off. They are so, so cute.

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I love animals but heck yea my sis has 3 cats and 2 dogs and on top of that she also has 3 kids (not refering them to animals)
when she calls me I constantly hear her say "that da*n dog or that da*n cat"
lol :)

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there are actually a lot of studies showing that pets are actually relaxing which is why they often have a house dog or a cat or something in like nursing homes

having like twelve dogs six cats and sixty seven fish or something I can see how that would be stressfull to take care of and pay for

I have three dogs though and they dont cause me any stress

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