Which is better for a 9 year old boy an X BOX or WII?

Answer #1

Is he chunky because the wii can make him more active. Either way there both great devices

Answer #2

It depends on what he prefers. The wii involves is more family engaging and will be much nicer to play it with the whole family rather than sitting in his room with the xbox. Although saying that, it is likely that he will prefer the xbox as boys do love those shooting games etc haha.

Answer #3

I don’t know what’s up with my typing recently. The wii inolves the whole family**

Answer #4

thats so true!!

Answer #5

Considering hes 9 i would get him the wii. There are alot more children oriented games on the wii than there are on an xbox. Its also interactive and requires kids to actually move and not just sit still with the controller. Not to mention theres more games families can play together.

Answer #6

wii its way more active and wont make him stay sitting al lthe time

Answer #7


Answer #8

To tell you the truth it is diffirent with almost every kid…. if he is into G.I. joe and stuff you should get him the xbox.. i have both systems… we bought both around the same time in 2009…. we have bought MANY things for wii like: Wii Active, Wii fit, Wii music, Mario Kart, You shape.. and much more…. we have not played in the wii for months (about 8 months) now… it was fun at the beginning but we just lost interest in it….. i play on xbox mostly everyday because there are much more games, better graphics, easier controls, more friendly active (xbox live=online)… i go with the xbox and he can grow up with it… having more games, while the wii is more family based and are is harder to control and calibrate… the new xbox came out and it is just like the wii but just with hands Xbox Kinect, 300$)… and i think its better than the wii itself … Unless you can entertain the kid everytime he wants to play in the wii he will not have that much fun by himself….. i recommend the xbox, plus most guys have it, and he probably wouldnt want to fell left out

Answer #9

9 year old boy, I’d get him a XBOX. My lilttle brother loved his and there great games out there :D

Answer #10

BUT now both systems can get kids more active. The Xbox Kinect is the same concept as the Wii, however you do not need to hold a controller with the new Kinect like you do with the Wii. Essentially YOU are the controller with the Kinect. My oldest likes the Xbox 360 more than the Wii, but he will play both.

Answer #11

I have both and I got my x-box when I was 10 and my wii when I was 12. Wii is fun, but now that the kinect just came out and it is supposed to be “way better than the Wii.” I’m going to save up and buy a kinect. Right now I would buy the Wii, but I think that the kinect will compare. Hope this helped.

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