What to do on a 6 hour road trip with your sister, bestfriend, and dad?


Answer #1

i just usually sleep alot or just try to listen to music when i can on my mp3 player because i try to conserve the battery energy

Answer #2

text,Buy an I pad,burp alphabet til your dad yells shut uppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp! I just play games on dsi or ipad or ipod bring something entertaining like a portable dvd player…

Answer #3

Listen to music, bring a portable dvd player if you have one, or a potable gaming device. What entertains me the MOST is lots of food snacks and drinks.

Answer #4

If you are with your best friend, chances are you guys will entertain yourselves easily! You could all listen to music, put an ipod on shuffle and play ‘first one to guess the song as it comes on wins’ or other ipod games. You could play ispy, if you are going through the countryside you could each pick an animal and the animal you see most wins. I recently went on a trip with my mum and her boyfriend which was about 6 hours long. I slept for about 2 hours of it, we played music and talked for the rest.

Answer #5

Ha I’ll be taking one this monday with my sister and dad for 3 hours though not as long as yours. Bring your camera and make silly videos and thne you can upload them onto Youtube! or just take pictures for Facebook. Bring your Ipod or cd’s. Text people, play games via cellphone or Ipod. The lastest magazines that you and your friend can take about. Reading a book. Bring a blanket and sleep lol.

Answer #6

Put headphones in and sleep.

Answer #7

i took one with my mom, dad, dog, and 65year old aunt

Answer #8

talk to your friend alot, eat some muchies, look at the clouds outside the window and try to make out shapes with your sis, and friend, play the name game…where you say a name then some one has to say a name that reminds them of the name you said but it doesn’t have to be spelt or sound or look anything like the word you said…but mostly i guess…it should…also play i spy, and simon says. ask everyone random questions…sleep, bring your ipod to listen to music…put it on your fav station and put in a fav cd once in a while…have a kareoke challenge =P

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