Why do you think 2/3 of Americans are obese?

This came up in a documentary about the weight of the nation. The focus is, what do you feel is the central cause as to the spike in the weight of the nation as a whole. Is it the publicity that certain kinds of good gets, what’s actually in the food, or are we simply just getting hungrier as a whole?

Answer #1
  1. most Americans don’t know how to cook properly
  2. We have a lot of fast food places
  3. We always say that we are busy so fast food is “on the go”
  4. People don’t like to cook. Most Americans all in all are lazy. Lol I will admit that I am lazy.
Answer #2

because people are lazy

Answer #3

Is it really just the consumers that are at wrong here? Are the companies that produce these dangerous foods not to blame as well for their actions?

Answer #4

Well this comes back to the question I asked ShyAne, is it really just the people? Why do businesses simply not sell healthier foods that the people will gradually get into?

Answer #5

well first of all because they eat because they r made fun of and then cuz they r lazy, have an illness, and ppl work late so they eat fast food and they just dont excersie

Answer #6

i think its cuz a lot of people are starting to be parents really young and they dont really know how to take care of the child so they just feed them whatever they want resulting in obese children who then grow up and treat their children the same way their parents treat them…

Answer #7

That actually seems possible and I’ve seen that happening lately in my school.

Answer #8

Honestly there are so many reasons its not even a joke, i mean for one a big impact is all the junk food you guys have, iv seen it in so many shows about all the fast food chains you guys have and all the resturants and i mean even watching shows like man vs food i can see clearly from the portion sizes that they aren’t normal or necessary and obviously not all food places are like that and i understand that but some are. I think like Sady Jay said it could also be how they are being raised, it starts off with the parents and how they live there lives and that’s all they know so obviously they will cook the same sorts of meals for there kids. I mean i guess you could call an epidemic with it spreading so quickly and everyone becoming so big and gaining weight. Also if you have ever seen teh documentary supersize me some of the information is just awful, and the portion sizes are just overwhelming. On top of this, if food is infront of us we WILL eat it, we turn to food for comfort, when we are insecure and then we get upset because we are fat which results in binges because we are sad which results in us gaining more weight ya know. Also i mean food is so cheap and people dont have time to sit down and cook a proper home meal healthy and dont have the money to buy healthy ingredients why spend 30 dollars buying groceries to cook a meal instead of going down to mcdonalds and getting a full meal for 5 dollars. Kids arent growing up learning how to make nice healthy foods and in your cafeterias the foods arent exactly good for you either. Also with teh kids growing up around this, there taste buds get use to it and expect it, sugar, salt and carbs are addictive and these products are made so they are addictive so they sell. Also i mean this will sound weird but there is food everywhere you go and its so convenient and ya know in grocery stores i have watched a documentary saying how they tactically shelve items, for example all the more unhealthy things are usually stacked on the right shelves because the majority of people are right handed. Dont forget that now the obesity rates are increasing its becoming more normal and acceptable by society. Oh and this bit will sound teh worst and everyones gonna think im crazy but i have been reading about a certain virus that has statistically been shown to make chickens gain 5 times there previous weights and to die and they have shown how its pased on to humans yeah o essentially im sayin that obesity is sorta a plague..

Answer #9

Because it the BMI scale is out of date do you know if you lived somewhere like Japan you would be obese even if you were considered the right weight here, we need too stop putting so much stock into a outdated scale, and a title that means nothing, a lot of overweight and obese people are fine, i am very healthy 6’2” 225lb 15% body fat i am just under being obese and i bet you i am healthier than almost anyone here, it’s about how you treat your body, and how you eat, sleep, work, not how much you weight on an outdated scale,

Answer #10

I wanted to ask, what evidence do you have to show that the scale is outdated?

Answer #11

What do you mean right shelves? Our aisles are double lanes, and people walk on the right generally, so shelves are usually on your right no matter which way you go. The rest makes sense that part just confused me >.<

Answer #12

Fast food places everywhere. Coupled with fat Americans having no Knowledge of nutrition what so ever, and even if they do, they simply don’t care. It amazes me because you actually don’t even have to exercise to lose weight. Just decrease the amount of calories to under maintenance and you’ll lose weight…. And people can’t even do this, and they still complain about how they can’t lose weight. It’s disgusting really.

Answer #13

cause we are lazy, we have technology that destracts us from getting o rbeing active

Answer #14

There is alot of lacking of knowledge about what is healthy and what isn’t. Mass media shows “this is healthy” one year and “no, wait this is actually healthy” next year. Makes it very confusing. A lot of people don’t seem to know how to cook a balanced meal, or have the time or energy to do so. As Stefie said, fast food, boxed meals and pre-packaged foods are SO much easier to prepare. Things that are bad for you taste good :P. The average person’s life style has steadily become more stationary. You sit in an office or cubicle or work at a computer all day with not a whole lot of movement. Also your average family, its more and more common for both parents to work to keep afloat. They have a lacking of financial knowledge and the pay rate vs price increases are not staying equal. People have to work more to feed their families, so they are tried and take the easy way out on dinner, which is more expensive in the long run, which leads to less money. Its viscous cycle.

I never really realized how bad it is for some people because I always at home cooked meals as a kid. My best friend’s mom always made how cooked meals, and so did all my relatives I visited. I knew the basics of cooking for myself by the age of 10. I never realized how many people DONT KNOW HOW TO COOK! Everything is from boxes. They have never cooked from scratch. They have never canned anything or made their own jelly or pie or cookies or turkey dinner or anything!

Once I was out of school and thrown in with different people I normally won’t have associated with via work I realized just how many people are lacking what I consider basic life skills.

My best friends g/f had never made anything that wasn’t from a box until she moved out to his farm. NEVER in her life! That is mind boggling to me.

Its a very sad state. People are becoming less and less self reliant. I think right now if all basic service shut down half Americans wouldn’t make it.

Answer #15

Another thing markets and stores do is put all the unhealthy goodies and sweets in the middle and center of the store, because in order to get from one end to another, you have to walk through the middle generally. And then that leads to “OH! I should get some donuts” or “ooooh, lets get some icecream!” etc etc. So, a general tip I was taught for shopping for groceries was to stick to the sides of a store.

Answer #16

I’ve heard something similar, that candies are strategically placed at the checkouts for compulsive buyers to have easy access to them.

Answer #17

Well, im American ahah.

First off, fast food. Easy, fast, affordable, ‘tasty’, and advertised greatly..Fabulous for tired parents and hungry kids.
Also, proportions here are ginormous. This also interacts with fast food, too. A small fry back then, compared to a kids fry now (@mc’ds), the kids fry now is even bigger than the small back then. Proportions of food are insanley larger and as time passes our stomachs adjust to that amount of food per meal, so they grow, and over time want more and more. IT ISNT JUST THE PEOPLE BTW. Ive gotta say that. Our government when it comes to health, seriously sucks. Counting calories, doesnt work, you can fight that all you want, but in reality, think about it. Oh yeah, you can lose weight, but there are much better alternatives. And this is going to sound crazy to some people, but tons of Americans (and its not even just us) think fat is bad. ITS GOOD, GUYS. Yup, good. Too much is bad yeah, but that doesnt mean you should completley avoid it. Oh & The ‘oh-so-wonderful’ food pyramid displaying what we should be eating in proportions and whatnot? Awful and incorrect..I agree with everything Stefie said too. It isnt just the people, its the government too, its the fact that parents were raised with unhealthy food also and with each generation its growing worse and worse, so thats all they know to feed their children, and so on. No one knows how to cook. Breakfast; instead of protein, vitamins, etc, is a bowl of cereal or some juice, so just sugar basically. Lunch, no one eats. Dinner, is fast food, and snacks throughout the day are as well.

For a lot of people the stereotypical American is a stupid, fat hick. Well, first off, being fat, doesnt just affect your looks. It affects your whole body system, doesnt make things work the way they should be, which can lead to being kind of slow. But thats for EVERYONE aha, no just us..Me and my mom were discussing earlier the other day, about how sugar and soda is probably going to be considered a drug in the future. It really is an epidemic and plague here..Like, when I was little aha..Me and my sister would go around Walmart and play this game, (k dont judge we were lil kids

Answer #18

Ooops, accidently hit the enter button aha. Well, continued, it was where we’d go around and point out all the fat people. aha. Well, we were in the store the other day talking about it, and we noticed how itd be REALLY hard to play now, because itf pretty much be every person. Its like rare to see someone healhty. Anyways though, its pretty much an epidemic/plague now. & Its not that we dont want to anything about it for most of us, its that a ton of us (stupidly) think were fine or that its unnecessary, and then a lot also think there isnt anything to change it now.

Answer #19

Well our Walmart puts bras and loungerie in the middle of the store… Maybe Texas is weird. Or better ^.^

Answer #20

lol that is wierd..

Answer #21

umaroth is right. The documentary you saw used a height to weight ratio bmi which doesn’t take into consideration heavier musculature. This is where they got their numbers… and it is not entirely honest. A professional athlete in peak physical condition could be considered obese by these standards. Although there are many in this country with medical conditions resulting from weight issues… the documentary intentionally used fudged numbers to add to the alarmist nature of the show.

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