Can I get a house for me and my baby?

I’m 16 and found out I am 6 weeks pregnant. my boyfriend wants an abortion but I want to keep it. my mum said if I keep it I should move out because it wouldnt be fair on rest of the family. where would I go if I moved out? could I get a house from the council or not?

Answer #1

You’re brave being only 16 and taking on this responsibility. I know this is probably something you really won’t want to do, but it’s the advice I have to give. Call the housing authority and ask them to send you a list of Section 8 housing aka. low income housing. Once, you get the list, call or go to the apartments that are closer to your school and family. They will give you an application to fill out to get in. Let them know that you are having a baby and can’t keep living at home. You may need a signature since you’re a minor so take your mom with you. They’re going to want you to have a job, but I’m not sure how it will work exactly since you’re in school. Anyways, these types of apartments adjust your rent to how much money you make. My sister did this for a while until she got on her feet and she only paid $80 a month for rent and it was a two bedroom apartment. That’s dirt cheap, and the place was pretty nice too! Also, you may need to go to the welfare department and see about food stamps also, going after the father for child support will help you get cash assistance. That way, once you do have your baby, instead of working right away, the state will help you out for a little while.

Good luck with everything! If you have any other questions you can funmail me anytime. I’m going to school to become a social worker so I think I may be of some assistance.

Answer #2

I like your mum’s style.

Not sure how things work in your country, but I highly doubt the council feels it its duty to provide house to a teenage girl who got herself knocked up. In the meantime, you need to find a job to support you AND your baby (assuming your boyfriend won’t stay with you if you keep it).

Answer #3

Her mom is not selfish at all. Having a baby at a young age with no way to provide for it is selfish. And honey, no one is just going to hand you a house. lol.

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no offense to your mom, but I think she is a total b*h by saying that to you. That is just selfish on her part. But if you really want to keep the baby, and I agree. I think abortion is wrong, but try talkign to some friends, if you are still attending school, seek a counselor or something.

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dont get an abortion what so ever. that is a life inside of you, would you kill someone? so dont get one. your mom most likely will change her mind when she sees the baby, but if you have to move out go to they provide shelter for teen mothers untill they turn 18. good luck and congrates

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it is great that you want to keep your baby…just remember that your desisions not only affect you they affect your baby. a lot of emotion is invoved in having a child (I recently had one) and as a single mother the job doubles you have to be both parents. I am not saying do not keep the child however think of the resposibility of this. You are only 16 do you drive? do you have a job? are you staying in school? who will take care of the baby wile you are at work? do you have insurance? because babys get sick need lots of shots ext. these are things that are not ment for a 16 year old to take care of, I am in my 20’s and have difficulty taking care of them. put the baby first there life has not even started yet and will be majorly affected by your decisions. it is esier said then done but I think adoption is the best choice for you.

Answer #7

First of all.. you need to do what you want to do.. Make the decision about keeping the baby or not based on what you want to do! Dont let anyone pressure you into something that you dont want to do- because you will end up regreting your decision forever.

There are also better options… adoption! Why not adopt instead of abortion… there are even homes to live in while your pregnant…

There are many options.. you just have to look around.. I would talk to your doctor about some choices… Your doctor can also give you some resources to use

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Answer #9

Go to professional advicer.

Answer #10

all of you have been a lot of help. thank you.

Answer #11

im against abortion so I would say at least have the baby and then go from there whether you keep it or giv it up…but you need to choose for yourself..if you are ok with abortion and that is really what you want to do then thats fine..dont let your mom or boyfriend or anyone affect your decision..make the decision for yourself and stick with I…honestly if your boyfriend is a decent guy he is probably just scared..

Answer #12

Remembering, of course, that kirstie1991 lives in the UK, so Section 8 isn’t going to be of much use to her - she needs to know what the UK equivalent and options thereof are.

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