14 Years Old And Pregnant Cause Of Being Raped. T-t

Ok I’m 14 and pregnant. I was raped by one of my brothers 19 year old friend. I need to know what to do.My mom already tells me that if I get pregnant she’ll send me to a boarding school and make me live there and have the kid. Its so confusing to me. I’m only 14. I’m not ready. I don’t even have sex with my boyfriend cause I know things happen and yeah. Please help,

Answer #1

your mom shouldnt send you away, it wasnt your fault you got pregnant.

Answer #2

Listen its not your fault you didnt decide to have sex. But you are in control of what happens next in your life, Tell your mom she will understand. If you cant face it yet ring a helpline! Shame hun tell the police about this bastard! x

Answer #3

NO hott123 is wrong..iam a Christian so I do believe abortion is wrong but the only way its okay for you to get an abortion is in her case–she was raped!

Answer #4

does no one look at the frigin dates this was two years ago

Answer #5

i dont understand it why doesnt enione ever look at dates? this was posted april 2006 it aug 2007!!! its 17 months later~!!! im sure if she dint tell her parents they would know by now somehow!!

Answer #6

God bless you and your baby. I hope you are both doing well. =]

Answer #7

first of all remember this is your choice and no obne elses.thats what the womens right movement was all about.weigh the pros and cons of abortion,havin the child ,and even adoption.also keep in mind that you are a rape victim and even the conservative party is pro abortion as the result of rape.you must take your story to the proper authorities!a rape cannot go unpunished!!!and even if you were playing along or kissin him if you said no ven once it constitutes as rape.also are you shure ure pregnant??ushually if your option is still abortion it is too early to tell what sex the baby is not to mention wheather its twins or not.please dont let this crime go unpunished…i no it will be terrible hard to confront him but you must be stron…..be stron for the millions of girls…and boys…out there who cant or no longer have the chance…be their voice but most immportantly be your own voice.and if you are pregnant go to www.planned parenthood.com they will help ok good luck and im so sorry uve had to go through this and if you ever need a friend im here always -vianey-

Answer #8

Hun you need to tell you mom what happened.. She’ll understand.. I think that she meant if you get pregnant from you choosing to have sex but since you where forced to have sex with this guy you should tell her and tell her the name of the guy so that he goes to jail… The choice to keep it is your but If I was you I would not have a abortion because to have an abortion is really bad but you could have that baby and give it away to some one who will love it, even though it can from something bad happening, you will bless some one who can not have a baby with the most precious gift!! And you can always go back to school and repeat that grade and graduate after you have the baby. I don’t know if you want to watch this but I am against having an abortion but I would understand in your situation because you where raped. but This is what it dose to the baby.. yes an abortion hurts both emotionally and physically . but don’t be scared to do what you think is right.. I am sorry that, that guy did that to you… GOD BLESS.. So here’s the video I hope you can handle it..

Answer #9

Ok well if I were u I would have an abortion. Cause 14 is too young to have a baby especially twins. U can sew the guy who did this to u because it just wrong!! But it’s ur decision to have the abortion or not. Just saying though that if u dicide to have the baby then it might wreck ur body completly and ur life… Well good luck on ur decision!!

Answer #10

Ok well if I were u I would have an abortion. Cause 14 is too young to have a baby especially twins. U can sew the guy who did this to u because it just wrong!! But it’s ur decision to have the abortion or not. Just saying though that if u dicide to have the baby then it might wreck ur body completly and ur life… Well good luck on ur decision!!

Answer #11

i think you should make your own choice babies are lovely and i dont agree in abortions so …? go with what you feel.

Answer #12

Its rape hun you are not going to get in trouble for this, you need to tell your brother that his friend did this, and tell the police dont let this go unpunished so then he can do this to other girls your age and ruin there life!!!!!!!!!!!


Answer #13

Jessie, is up to you to have an abortion or not. But think about it. there is couples in this world that are dying to have a child but can’t. If i was you I wouldn’t have an abortion, I would’ve have the twins and give them to another set of couple that would pay to have kids… haven’t you thought about that option?

Answer #14

What ever you do don’t think it is your fault, because it wasn’t your fault. Does your mom know what happened to you? You really shouldn’t keep it from your parents if they don’t already know.

Answer #15

you should tell her, she’s only saying that so you wont get pregnant and screw your life up. I dont believe in abortion but that just me I think a family is out there just waiting for a child to adopt. hell I should know we have been waiting 5 years now sucks or what!!!

Answer #16

Honestly, If I were you, I would keep the baby You give you kids a fighing chance You kids are yor kids Goodluck :]

Answer #17

u have to tell someone. your mom probally wont send you away because it wasnt your falt but you need to tell someone

Answer #18

I am so sorry about what happened to you but you really need to tell your mom. I think if you told her that you were raped and that why your pregnant she would understand and she would help you! good luck

Answer #19

you need to tell your parents what he did to you and confront him he needs to be behind bars where he belongs your parents will understand that they will be by your side and you should alsootell your brother the best thing to do is say something now before its to late

Answer #20

Being rape is a serious thing its a crime and the low life that did this to you should rot in hell, being young is precious you don’t deserve this at your age you shouldn’t be going through this but sad to say this is a part of the world you have to live in, just remember oly the strong servive. And being pregnant not by you choice is a hard pill to swallow but you are strong you can handle this, talk to your mother and expect the worst than you want be dispointed, and then again she might grab you in her arms for love and support. Dont tell her what you think she wants to here but tell her how you fell about this situation. Have the baby for it too deserve life, if you can’t keep it find a loving family for your child, write your baby a letter explaning why you made the decision you did. stay strong

Answer #21

I was in a rush and for got to tell you one more thing. My dad was very sympathetic and wished I had told him sooner. That was my mistake. Dont make the same one. TELL HER!!! You’ll be thankful you did. You can get charges pressed on him for statchatory rape. not only that but if you keep the baby then he’ll have to pay child support. I still have dreams and memories of every single night that they all raped me. Even one of their friends tried to do it with me.

Do not be afraid to tell who did this to you. Your brother needs to know as well. Its not going to be easy to tell, but you’ll be thankful you did. Trust me I know. DONT WAIT! The sooner the better. Good Luck.=)

Answer #22

Omg this is horrible. first of all you shouldnt get in trouble from your mom, its not your fault you got raped , you need to tell an adult , or call the help hot line, or the rape hot line, I can give you the numbers if you want just fun mail me if anything. I hope things get better for you, and that guy needs to get in trouble, he can get arrested for rapping you.

Answer #23

well does ure mom know u were raped…if not u really should tell her because being raped shouldnt be taken lightly! Thingzz like that should be taken to the law. Having a child because i=of rape will be hard becuase it wasnt spossed to happen but my friend was 15 and she was raped and got pregnant! She went throgh with it and named her baby miracle! It will be hard to raise a baby i know! im 14 and im about to be 6 months prego!!! all you need is a few great friends and family to get you through!

Answer #24

I know how you feel. I was raped at the age of 6. by three boys. they we my babysitters sons. they were 13,11,and 9. its very scary. I was afraid to tell my dad. he didnt find out until this past chrismas and now im 17. I sorry to hear that. But your mom will have a whole nother look on you for being raped. this is a whole different situation. Your mother will understand you werent trying. Good luck sweetie. fun mail me if you need anything.

Answer #25

Hi Jesse, Here it is a year later. I hope you had the baby and not an abortion. There are couples out there w/open arms who would adopt your child or children if you had twins. Your parents need to file Statuory Rape charges against this boy. Don’t let him off scot free. Teach him what it means to rape. He will be marked as a sex offender for the rest of his life. He will think about raping you every day of his life as that will mark him until the day he dies. It wasn’t your fault, don’t take the blame. Put the blame, where blame is due.

Answer #26

well just tell her you got raped I dont think she would do that if you told her the truth when I got raped I thought I was prego my mom burst out cryin kuz a jerk did that to me so she bought me a text and I wasnt tho just tell her she will understand you and trust you she mite be mad at first but she will get over it

Answer #27

rape is a serious crime. your mother probably will not think badly of you because you were raped. she should feel sad for you because of it. its not like it was your chioce. im sure you can find sombody who is supportive of you and will help you raise the baby, give it up for adoption, or abort it. be strong. although rape is a terrible thing, you can get past it if you just have hope.

Answer #28

HI Jessie it happened to me but i was only 12 and did start menstering and i did not want to tell anyone due to the threat from the male so i finally told my mom and we went to the dr.s to see if i was expecting and they said that i was not. so if u need anything Fun mail me and we will talk about it. I am now 14 and still afraid to date.


Answer #29

you need to tell your mom that it was not your fault you got pregnant!!! that you were raped and tell her by who so he can be punished for what he wrongly did!!!!! she will understand and be more comforting if you tell her you were raped!!! just tell her the truth!!! i hope everything works out please keep in touch!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

Answer #30

first, are you a christian? do you believe in christ jesus? if you are this is going to be a lot easier, and if not you need to start considering accepting his gift of salvation. your mom is not right to send you off since you had no control in this situation. look to God, though, realy, he will give you peace if you trust the future to his hands

Answer #31

tell someone you don’t deserve this

Answer #32

whatever you do don’t get an abortion!!! sometimes if you’re far enough along the baby will fight back when the VACUME the baby out!!! look up partial birth abortion and I know you will change your mind if you are thinking of an abortion. It is a horrible thing, its about your baby not you. put the baby up for adoption if you feel you can’t take care of it. look up partial abortion(anyone should so they can see how cruel this Earth is) and talk to people about this!!!

Answer #33

aw sweetheart im sorry this happened. lets deal with it head on, tell your mom and brother and sew the bas**rd who did this to you

Answer #34

p.s. sorry i cant type worth shit…lol

Answer #35


Answer #36

Ok this is my new account and yes she does know. I did talk to her about it.And I want an abortion but then I don’t. Its so confusing. I mean 14 is too young to have 2 kids. Cause its twins. I just don’t know what to do.

Answer #37

omg :O

yourr brothers friend.. dont go near him or anything.. but you have gotta tell yourr mum. she will understand ii think she ment if you choose to have sex not get raped..!

tell her hope ii helped

and good luck for the future hun x

Answer #38

two years ago I hope you had the kid if you did let me know how you and the child are doin.

Answer #39

okay I know this is kind of a late response to rebelchick but would you kill someone? if not why would you even sugest that this girl have an abortion it is just like killing someone ya know it’s just rediculous that she’s 14 and pregant yes but that does not meen that she should get an abortion!!

Answer #40

Tell your mother. I was raped 4 months ago. I didnt tel her. I did last night and it was a totaly different thing, she stopped being mad at me for not being happy like I used to be. She understood. So will your mom. I’m not pregnant, but you should tell your mother that you were raped and that you are pregnant. I’m sure your mother will understand and help you threw it.

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