Can you help me think of a name for my book? (read more)

Hi to all, im new here and i have a question. Im writing a book about a 10 year old girl who losses her parents and is sent away to strangers who live on a farm. There will be talking animals and then later in the book she begins to see the ghosts of her parents , and they talk with her and try to help her go on without them. Im not done wth the book and i cant find a name. Can anyone think of a name for my book? thanks so much, Lisa

Answer #1

What’s the story about? You mentioned there are talkin animals and ghosts. So I’m assuming it’s a fantasy story. But what’s the motto of the story, the lesson, you should base the title on that

Answer #2

thats just it i havent really gotten it all planned out yet. I have never wrote a book before and im trying to get some advice anywhere i can,lol thanks hon

Answer #3

Use the girl’s name as the title :D

Answer #4

I am in the midst of writing my own book as well, but i lost my muse… :( The title I came up with because I loved obscenely long ones, was “If Only They Killed Me First.” and the reason behind that, is because the main character Melinda, was being hunted down by a half-blood (vampire) in which she loved, and he loved her too, he was just selfish and stupid and flat out, a guy you wouldn’t want to date no matter how good looking he was. He was a mass murderer of not only humans but vampires as well, and under the aristocratic law, he made an oath not to kill any more humans, or his punishment will be death. He agreed. The soul purpose of his life at that time, was to kill Melinda. And so the title goes “If only they killed me first” she wouldn’t have died, because he finds out he is a monster, was a complete jerk to her, and that he loved her before he dies himself. So, if you have a favorite part of your book, or even something symbolic, even the Girls name like mentioned before, would be perfect. I think that you can do it :D

Answer #5

Are there sheep on the farm? Do they talk? Do the talking sheep help the girl? Call the book “Wisdom of the sheep”. ;)

Answer #6

sounds kinda like the movie blade, kyoko

Answer #7

‘The amazing Life adventures of Amy’ Transformation from seeming hopelessly lost to endlessly Loved….

Answer #8

a good website is wattpad, you can publish the first chapter of your story or as many as you like under your own copyright and then you can ask for feedback, get other authors to edit it and what not…i found it useful when i was writing and it gives you an insight into what is popular in the market hope it helps :)

Answer #9

Ghost whisper gone but not forgotten *young and vulnerable

Answer #10

Thank you.

Answer #11

You can use a meaningful phrase she uses in the book, maybe around the ending of the book. Something she goes by to get her through the day. Heres some quick ones

“Still Here” “Without them” “Moving On”

Or the name of the character

Answer #12

well its about a little girl whos life seemed to be perfect until the tragedy of her parents death . Sheis sent to some realitives that she never knew and they live on a farm . She is there alone, with no other children . he has nobody but the animals on the farm to keep her company . Turns out the twist of this sad story becomes fantasy and the animals begin to talk to her . They will be helping her to get on with life . I havent gotten it all planned out , sorta stuck after this. thank you so much for your help and please give me some more ideas about what kind of things will happen and anyother things you can think about. thank you! Lisa

Answer #13

well i forgot the other twist to tell you lol . The girl also begins to have visits from her parents as well. I dont know wether to get rid of that idea or what to do with it.

Answer #14

the little girls name is Ruby . the animals will be talkng and the ghosts of her parents will allow her to greve alot easier . I just dont know where to start and what all to have happen in tthis story. wow ! this is harder then i thought it would be.

Answer #15

ghost farm

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