If you could choose a country, where would you want to live?

Answer #1

Maybe australia or new zealand

Answer #2

Spain, Ibiza Spain. Or England

Answer #3


Answer #4


Answer #5

Scotland, Sweden or Norway in Summertime. Or one of the smaller & less populated Islands. Faroer or Iceland. Because I like the rough northern landscape. And I like the chilly, relaxed unhurried folks up there.

In Wintertime, I’d move somewhat south. Southern France or central France, Massif Central seems nice. Germany (where I currently live) is also OK, mostly. Some of my fellow Germans are really annoying though.

I absolutely cannot stand hot weather. So all the southern places are out of scope.

Answer #6

Thank You

Answer #7

This Pres constantly puts it down but for me, the good ole USA !!

Answer #8

Paris, France! Venice, Italy(: Or China(:

Answer #9

France, Scotland or Canada.

Answer #10

Australia or the us (Miami) I’d move by myself to Miami, but if someone would move with me, id def go to Australia. They have the strongest dollar and the lowest cost of living in the world, and it’s hot all year! And beautiful as well from what I’ve seen

Answer #11


Answer #12


Answer #13

Because New Zealand is awesome!

Answer #14

japan all the way!

Answer #15

Trust me, after being here for a day. You’ll want to go back to where you were originally staying.

Answer #16

1.) Canada 2.) Mexico 3.) New Jersey 4.) UK, 5.)Scotland 6.) Ireland 7.) Italy Mmmm…I don’t know too much about Aus.

Answer #17

Thank You

Answer #18


Answer #19

OH it is along …………. Thank you

Answer #20

Why Japan

Answer #21

Ok Thank you

Answer #22

Thank you

Answer #23

Thank you

Answer #24

How come China Thank you

Answer #25

Thank you

Answer #26

Fine . Thank you

Answer #27

Thank you

Answer #28

Definitely Italy. I went on vacation to Sicily a few years ago with my family and literally had the best time ever. The weather was amazing, and the beaches were absolutely beautiful. I really just loved the whole atmosphere of the place. Plus, Italian food is my favorite haha.

Answer #29

to be honest iv never gone to any other country.and i would maybe like to one day live in another country but i feel like i would always come back home.. to America

Answer #30

thank you

Answer #31

Jimmy, you have asked us what country we would like to live in. May i ask what country you would like to live in?

Answer #32

I have traveled around 28 different countries , of them 18 are where i have lived for more than 3 months . It is hard to name one some are beautiful to live but no job n business , others may have good business but language problem , but just to move on i will like to stay “Sochi “ Russia .

Answer #33


Answer #34

I think we are on the same track in life Take care

Answer #35

I’ll always live in the US. I would never want to live in another country.

Answer #36

Thank you

Answer #37

For sure in Cyprus or Germany because its amazing and we can easily get all the things what we want and the people who belongs to this place is very kind, honest and helpful. That’s why i choose this.

Answer #38


Answer #39

why Italy , do you like it or some other ………………….

Answer #40

England forsure! It seems like it would be so peaceful there and there would be so many different places to go look around and check out(:

Answer #41

OK , Good Luck

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