Do you think the novel "Wet Goddess" should be removed from listings?

It’s a true story about a man’s (the author) intimate relationship with a dolphin. I found many of the reviews on pretty horrifying.

Answer #1

My god, I just had to look it up. The reviews … wow, just wow. Personally I think it should, it’s just downright disgusting and especially when it’s supposedly a true story. However, I doubt it would though, there are many novels about and such that haven’t and aren’t going to get removed.

Answer #2

No, I don’t believe in censorship at that level at all. Granted, it’s not for everyone. But according to at least two of the reviews, there seems to be a lot of substance to the book. I can’t see how banning it would do any good apart from drawing attention to it, and I can’t really see what harm there would be to anyone, from reading it.

Answer #3

In many places (like Canada) bestiality is illegal … and this guy is straight-out admitting to it. Surely there are laws …

Answer #4

I don’t think pornography laws extend to writing about it, notwithstanding he’s admitted it. There are so many sexual things that are considered illegal, example, selling sex toys in Alabama. I don’t think that’s regularly enforced. I think even @nal sex is illegal in some states. But people still do it and write about it.

Answer #5

i don’t know? apart from the incomprehensible disbelief about his, hmm openness?

however, i think, maybe it should be seen from the perspective of the dolphin… it’s an animal, it knows no right and wrong…

i don’t know, I’m obviously not condoning it, but from the review (which i just read in light of your question) it seems a bit bizarre? but the dolphin was happy… oh god, i have no clue, i don’t understand why it was necessary for him to write a book on it… that is the thing that baffles me the most lol..

thing is this doesn’t appear to be non consensual (wont let me type the ‘R’ word), and it was an animal who had an urge, I’m saying this very much from what i interpret from his perception of how the dolphin responded and behaved.. i don’t think i can see it from the mans perspective, i don’t know how someone can justify letting themselves being aroused by a dolphin..

however, should it be banned? in all honesty i’m not sure why it was even published… but at the end of the day, from the reviews and brief summery it doesn’t appear any person or creature was harmed, so >shrug<

Answer #6

I don’t know about Alabama but the ACLU managed to strike down similar laws in other states. Of course you can buy a handgun at any corner store in Alabama but a vibrator? They have to keep the state safe for children ya’ know! Also, note that Viagra was perfectly legal in Alabama to help men climax but items to help women climax are deemed illegal.

Answer #7

Um… ew…. isn’t that illegal?? O.o

Answer #8

I don’t like to endorse censoship, but in a market where children / minors can buy it, I think something should be done. The last contraversy I can remember with Amazon was about the book “a child lover’s guide to…. oh I can’t remember but anyway it was sick. I wish companies like amazon just had enough decencey to value certain morals and standards more than profit.

Answer #9

omg i just looked it up and they should remove it, that should be illigal. that is disgusting :/

Answer #10

This flies smack into one my beliefs that most forms of censorship suck, but the notion that anyone particularly children (again I can’t see any of them buying it) purchasing this whatever the heck this material is……common sense should at the very least tell them this item should not be there because of the remote possibility that a minor could purchase it.

Answer #11

Yes. Definitely. This man is getting rich from bestiality, when others are going to ja!l for it? It doesn’t make sense to me.

Answer #12

No! because everyone has an opinion of their own and its called the freedom of speech act!

Answer #13

No! because everyone has an opinion of their own and its called the freedom of speech act!

Answer #14

just wait til the movie comes out.

Answer #15


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