Why can't I get a job in Utah as a disabled person?

I’ve been trying to get a job since I’ve been out of high school and next year will be my 10 year reunion. And, every time I try and find a job that says right on their door ‘HELP WANTED’ or ‘NOW HIRING’ they reject me. Now I think they just reject cause after I apply, I believe my parents or at least my mom goes to that job and says ‘do not hire my daughter’ or they just won’t hire a disabled abled person in Utah. Is it possible that Utah may have a law about not hiring disabled people?

Answer #1

Unfortunately people with disabilities do have a harder time finding jobs, it is because not all customers are comfortable with it. Do you have any qualifications? Maybe now is the time to try and look into that? I know that in the professional world (at least where I am working) people are very happy to hire anyone, including disabled persons if they have the right qualifications and it can be seen that they work hard. BUT unfortunately I do not know your financial situation. I would also suggest that you speak to friends or your sister to help you out with a job in the meanwhile if possible?

Answer #2

I speak to alot of ppl who say that it is not against the law for disabled ppl to work in utah but, I believe differently cause, I’ve been looking for a job for many years now and I always get turned town. I’ve worked for many jobs. Yeah, they were volentree jobs but still that’s still some proof I’ve got some job experence. But, it’s like they see past it and only look at my disability to not want to hire me. I mean, what is it about me/my disablity that ppl don’t want me to work, I still can work as hard as the next person just it may take me a little longer to get it done.

Answer #3

But what qualifications or anything do you have? It will be more difficult because of the perception that people have. Unfortunately there isn’t anything that you can do about what they think, you’ll need to find an alternative way of proving you can do the job. Or you can start your own business with whatever talents/experience you have with the support of friends and family.

Answer #4

I have only done job training in school/high school and they said that should be enough to get you a job. But, it hasn’t. Even the job training was doing after school, they said that after I graduate from that I should be hired with them. But, I wasn’t. Every job training program I’ve been in they just have me graduate and they let me go after they promise that I’d have a job after I graduate. It’s like they don’t want me to have a job in their filled.

Answer #5

School and highschool in your position together with the current economy won’t be enough. Have you ever asked them why they haven’t kept you? I know you are immediately thinking it’s your disability, but there could be other reasons? I think you need to consider some tertiary qualication for your mental and future job wellbeing.

Answer #6

The unemployment rate, nationwide, is north of 10%….even though the statistics say it’s less, the reason being, after so long, people get part time work and don’t count towards the total they report in surveys.

And, the unemployment rate is 3x higher for those without specialized training or a college degree, versus those with just a high school diploma.

Also, a majority of new employees get jobs…from people they know at the various companies that are hiring new staff (eg, if you hire somebody who knows a current employee, that employee knows it’s going to look very bad for them if they help a friend get work who CAN’T do the job properly).

What I would do is network with friends, associates, acquaintances, family and ask them about places they work - if you’d like to work there, ask if there are openings, OR to have them let you know if there would be one when it’s available.

Answer #7

You mentioned that you received job training in high school and in more than one training program after highschool (if I understood right), and that you’ve worked at some volunteer jobs, but you haven’t said anything about what kind of work you would like to do, or have been trained for, or have experience in, or have applied (and been rejected) for. In general, the more specific info you can give people here, the better advice you can get.

Discrimination against people with disabilities is a violation of federal civil rights law, no matter what state you are in. But there are many possible reasons to be turned down for a job; you can’t just assume it’s because of your disability.

Answer #8

I don’t care what kind of job I get as long as it pays. I don’t wnat anymore training jobs

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