Why do people always ask me why I'm a vegetarian?

Answer #1

Because you keep making a big deal of it. I’ve been vegan for 10 years and most of my friends don’t know. We go to restaurants and I find something to eat and they do.

Rules to be vegetarian:

  1. Don’t criticize non vegetarians
  2. Don’t loudly proclaim you are one
  3. It’s about you, your choices and your health, not anyone elses.

Got it?

Answer #2

We converted this to a question.

Answer #3

You’re a vegan?! No way! I thought you ripped apart meat like no other! Damn…

Answer #4

What Ericson said is VERY true, I agree completely, however I do have friends ask me why I’m a vegetarian even though I generally keep it hidden as best I can. I mean, it does come out. I don’t enjoy being asked that, or being judged on it by others. People probably ask because they don’t know, and want to better understand it.

Answer #5

Well, if they ask, you can explain.

I’m usually vague, saying it was for health reasons, and then I steer the conversation into other things.

Answer #6

Looking over my comment, it came out kinda rude, my apologies E :(

Answer #7

I never saw it that way at all.. In fact I laughed and sputtered out the steak I was eating on my keyboard. LOL

Answer #8

Oh man… :S clean it up! Shame on you… What manners you have lol

Answer #9

I dunno. People ask me why I dont eat pork. People tend to be curious about the unfamiliar. It’s just human nature.

Answer #10

brush that off… theyre just jealous bc you arent consuming up meat like a vacumm cleaner and ur skinn iz glowing and shining!!!!!! just dont give in to eating that stuff : ) BTW: OMG!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE TLL ME HOW U BCAME A VEGETARIAN!!!!!!! IVE BEN TRYIN FOR ABOUT 3 YEARS!!!!!

Answer #11

I get this all the time! ive been a vegetarian for 5 years now & my own mom still sometimes forget im a veggie. ha. i think people are just curious. i hate when they ask me though! & the question right after is always.” WHAT DO YOU EAT THEN?” . -_- its like come on people meat isnt the only food out there.

Answer #12

I ask people why they are vegetarian not because I think there is anything wrong with it, but because I am genuinely interested. Not because they have to justify their eating habits or anything, its just interesting to know if they feel strongly about animal rights or they just dont like meat etc. They dont have to tell me if they dont want to, but I dont mean any offence.

Answer #13

you just stop eating meat

Answer #14

I don’t proclaim it to the world because I know that it’s not my business what they choose to do. I just end up being asked when it does come up why I’m a vegetarian and I find it to be a stupid question.

Answer #15

Lol it’s seriously that easy. At least it was for me. You just stop eating eat and replace the meat with foods that have the nutrition you need.

Answer #16

The word “Vegetarian” is native, it means: Can’t hunt! hahahaha!

Answer #17

Bahaha then don’t tell anyone and stop making a big deal outta it. I was a vegetarian since I was 5. and I’ve never told anyone I was one besides my family cause they had to know and one of my besties because she noticed I never even touched meat. and EVERYBODY ELSE DOESNT NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU EAT AND WHAT YOU DONT EAT. Just stop talking about it.

Answer #18

I find it to be ignorant to be a veetarian if you’re doing it because you feel you’re saving animals or any of that animal cruelty bull. If you’re doing it for health reasons, then great. I feel like it’s harder to eat healthy if you’re veg because you have to find other sources of protein, but i’m not too sure on that, so dont quote me. I want to know why you’re a veg. Tell me.

Answer #19

I never ever in a million f*cking years would have thought you were a vegetarian .

Answer #20

^_^ Good.

Answer #21

you probably talk about it and they see it as a talking point.

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