Is it possible to travel at speed of infinite km/h

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um well here's the thing infinite means never ending so if you could some how manage to make a machine that would increase in speed over time and Never stop increasing in speed then I guess you could call it infinate speed but the easy answer is no

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Technologically over time we will get faster, but infinite speed is impossible, as there is no such thing.

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I do not think that infinite km/h exists, therefore it will be impossible, unless you can define infinite in terms of km.

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the speed of light is the universal speed limit. time actually slows for objects approaching this speed. say you were on a vessel traveling the speed of light. if you were to try to run from the back of the vessel to the front (to break the speed of light) you would be slowed to the speed of light. but no, impossible.

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no, speed of light is 300,000 Km/second. that's the fastest you can go.

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