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Should I tell the police

My boyfriends ex wife has 5 warrant out for her arrest, ranging from theft of identity, theft, fraud, writing bad checks etc. she has his little girl and she steals, lies and is not the best person. I worry about the little girls situation. I dont thin...


What is the outcome of eye color of a baby born to a brown ey

What is the outcome of eye color of a baby born to a brown eyed and a blue eyed parents?


What do you think of these names for babies?

Well my boyfriend and I were being random and we decide to think of names that we'd want to name our children if we ever married. We want one boy and a girl. These are what we came up with.

Boys Names : Noah Allen
William ...


What do you think of the name Dadrian?

Hey guys I honestly think I'm having a boy if I do what do you think of the name Dadrian even though it means big head boy and his middle name would be rashaun or ta-shaun or anything with shaun at the end because o the fathers name ???
its Pronounce...


When can I start to introduce sippy cups to my son?

(he's 6months going on 7)

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Brother and I'm lost

My brother is 8 and we have sibling quarrels but it's getting outta hand. He thinks everything serious Is funny. He backtalks to everyone. Lying is his hobby and passion. He's causing my mom stress who says that it is all of us. I'm just so sick of him...


Who is 16 and wants to be a parent?

who is 16 and wants to be a young parent and why?


Ever dealt with your children having night terrors

Has anyone ever dealt with their children having night terrors? Or have you experienced them yourself?


Why does she smile at 2 weeks?

shes soo cute :D! but sometimes when shes sleeping she smiles out of nowere... and ii kind of get confsed.. I mean babys dont know anything? and shes onlike ike 2 weeks old? why wud she be smiling?

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Do E-numbers lead to Hyperactivity in Children

What do you think
is there any proof


hi every one my son is finally potty trained!

hi my son with speical needs is finally pottytrained!he did,he came up to me the other day,and said,mommy I dont want to wear pull ups any more,before he would get upset with me,about having to pottytrained, I think he use to be afided of doing this,th...

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a kids party

I have to throw a 4 year old a b'day party and I dont know what to do like what activities and food and so on to do what kind of games should we play and what kynda food?


What are some things to do when babysitting every day?

We also have a ice cream truck that comes every once in awile. I would like some crafts and some games and really anything!


What should I do?

I have a three yr old son that is really stubborn. He does s'times 'eat my head'that he never listen to any instructions like when I tell him to to do some thing that is not pleasing or mannerless, he will tell me things like, dont tell that, dont tell...


who know an landlord who will rent apartment to a minor with a job?

do anyone know a landlord who is willing to rent a apartment to a minor who also have a job and can pay their rent on time


How many of you are expecting or have kids already?

I'm just curious to see how many on FunAdvice are going to be mommys or daddys.. and how old are you?!

And for those who have kids already, how old were you when you had them?

I give you guys props... after taking care of my nephews for a weekend, i...

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Sick kids

My 3yr old got sick, then I got sick, & now my 3 mo old is sick. It's a mean cough, sore throat, & runny nose. I gave myself & my 3yr old Robitussin. What can I do for my 3mo old?


Angelina Jolie

I heard Angelina Jolie was pregnant again??

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Is this a good name for a boy?

Is this a good name for a boy?

Brendon Martin Clark


Favourite girl's name?

What's your favourite girl's name? I really like the name Aurora Raine.

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night time feeding

my 2 yr old daughter still demands night time feeds of milk how can I make her stop that...she is a poor eater too

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