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Types of Descriptive Essay Structures

When you are asked to write a descriptive essay or report, it not necessarily means that that you have to gather descriptive data and theories from different sources and combine them together. You need to understand the nature of the topic and the rubric requirements in order to choose the appropriate data collection structure. These structures for descriptive essays can have three common forms:

Meta-Analysis Structure

If I have to do my essay of statistics or finance, then meta-analysis is the most appropriate form of literature formation. Though, meta-analysis is also descriptive in nature, but here the primary data is not theories but statistical figures and experiment results. When you ask someone for essay help in meta-analysis, then you should also keep this in mind that you have to provide sufficient statistical data with which the person can work with.

The important part of meta-analysis, which often get overlooked is that you need to analyze the data efficiency and significance (p-value) of you collected data so to compare the findings of one research with the other. So, rather than comparing and contrasting theories and models, you will be comparing and contrasting result results and statistical findings.

Meta-Synthesis Structure

Meta-synthesis is the approach that we normally use in descriptive essay writing. In this approach, theories and conceptual models from different authentic sources (preferably journal articles) are collected and presented in a coherent manner. What is important here to ensure is that there is a nice flow of information and the link between different theories and descriptions is easy to follow.

When I have to do my essay based on meta-synthesis, I read all relevant sources and jot down their key points, before starting to write. In this way, the writer has a clear idea of how to interlink different points, how to support one point with the help of the other, and how to transit from idea to the other, without breaking the flow.

Analytical Structure

Most of the Masters and PhD level essay writing projects are analytical in nature and demand a more comprehensive and systematic approach to the theories or statically results presented. Studies show that a number of students fall apart in this form of essay writing. So, it is advised to academic support and advice from a professional essay writing service in this matter in case of doubts.

Analytical essays require your active involvement in the topic and you have to support or negate each point or result you have presented with your own observation or research. It is like you are bringing the previous studies into life and analyzing them closely to find their lose links and gaps that can be covered in your research. For example, if a researcher has claimed corruption to be the prime cause of poverty and have given justification, you have to come up with your own observation and research and evidences to support or negate the claim, and you cannot simply accept any claim or argument without analyzing it thoroughly and skeptically.

Writing a Comparison Essay

A comparison essay is purely centered on the evaluation of objects, facts, and people. Its sole function is to uncover the most important comparisons. 1st point you need to have to do is outline the points that are a lot less significant. Then later on t

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