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the funniest advice I've ever heard about what should I do is "START!" - really funny was the fact that it worked =)


Between failure and success is a journey of self. It is a journey of power - the power to get things done which lies within each and every one of us.

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5 tips to increase sales on internet

When launching its business on the internet is to make money. Is complementary to its current revenues, sufficient to live on. In both cases, we always seek to increase its internet sales.

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The Advantages of Storytelling in Online Marketing

Marketing should not sound like a sales pitch but a normal storytelling with words that flow naturally. Every business and everyone has got a story to tell. To be more effective, the tone should be casual, one that speaks to the audiences directly. In this

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The Story of Social Media Marketing

I was sitting around listening to some kids talking yesterday and one was telling a story about his recent camping trip with his parents to a few other kids. As I listened it hit me that social media marketing is a story dressed up as marketing.

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