Which do you like better, Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon?

Answer #1

Yu-Gi-Oh :)

Answer #2

I like both haha, I still have Yu-Gi-Oh cards and I collect pokemon stuff haha. :)

Answer #3

OH dang…I got more into Pokemon, i have like hundreds and hundreds of cards. I also loved yugioh but i never got into it so much that i collected cards.

Answer #4

Blue Eye White Dragon, ftw. :)

Answer #5

Haha heck yeah Blue Eyes! :D

Answer #6

Good card, I like all the different backgrounds they have for the Blue Eyes.

Answer #7

The named kicked anyones rear end lol. I wanted to change my actual name for that name lol.

Answer #8

Its funny you asked that question. My hubby and his friends get together and play. I was just asked to move over so they could play yugioh. When I looked up I saw your question. Kind of freaky huh.

Answer #9

Haha seriously? Just now? Wow, hooray for coincidences? :)

Answer #10

I know right. I thought I was seeing stuff at first.

Answer #11

Lol, I really miss the old Yu-Gi-Oh with Yugi Moto. I’m not really like the new characters..

Answer #12


Answer #13

I know, I do too… what I watched anyways.. its just not the same with the Duel runners and stuff.

Answer #14

Me niether, I saw the first episode like few years back, love at first sight.

Answer #15

Yeah.. I don’t know why they do that to the good stuff, like in Pokemon too. Sigh. :/

Answer #16

Just trying to change it up… they do that all the time. Like Power Rangers and few other shows. I grew up on the old TMNT and the new cartoon is completely not the same. They are trying to appeal to a new audience and make it not the same old stuff so people don’t get board.

Answer #17

Oof I guess you’re right there, but jeez these new ones just really don’t do justice to the original storylines, well in my opinion.

Answer #18

No I agree, it is a matter of opinion though. Wonder wht they are going to come up with next! Do you play yugioh?

Answer #19

Haha yes I love it. :D Up until I lost most of my cards. :/

Answer #20

oh man, we lost a ton of cards when our hang out burned down. We had all four different types of Blue Eyes in there (different backgrounds) my deck was in there too… still can’t get all the cards I had in it back because they were some of the first cards out. What type of deck do you run?

Answer #21

I don’t know why but when I was a kid I just bought a lot of starter decks, I got Yugi’s, Joey’s, and Kaiba’s haha.. I had like 4 Blue Eyes but all the same background. Boo, boring.. :/

Answer #22

They are hard to find, we got lucky and then unlucky because we lost them. We have two but not the ones with the tablets in the background or the world in the background. The deck that I like running (my only deck) is a deck out deck. I don’t play too much, the guys here can get very competitive. Especially when we have ten guys or so over here playing.

Answer #23

Haha wow, you have friends that still play? My friends don’t even bother anymore, apparently it’s too old and and childish, but I never saw it that way. They still sell cards too, it’s just cheaper now, I remember when it was like $10 for 5-6 cards or so. Either that or my memory is fuzzy.

Answer #24

I can’t remember the cost of it from a long time ago. But yeah a lot of people say its childish and stop playing it. The guys that come over and play their ages range from 22 to 31. Crazy huh, its weird but hey they like it!

Answer #25

Haha can’t help it, it’s fun lol. :D

Answer #26

:D just keep playing I’m sure you’ll find more people that like it… we did!

Answer #27

Yep! :)

Answer #28

pokemon cause the animals are cuter(; haha

Answer #29

Pokemon :]]]

Answer #30

Yu Gi Oh poke mon promotes animal violence and illegal dog fights

Answer #31

Pokemon!!! They’re all so cute :3

Answer #32

Wow Terry. Lol.

Answer #33


Answer #34

Dragonball Z :D

Answer #35

Pokemon is my secret guilty pleasure haha.

Answer #36


Answer #37

Pokemon no doubt…the animals are so cute!!!!!!<3

Answer #38

both are lame and outdated but pokemon is stupid and over dramatized

Answer #39

when i was kid,lol,i loved pokemon then after yearz {YU-GI-OH} CANT CHOOSE,I LIKE BOTH**

Answer #40


Answer #41

pokemon gotta catch em all!! haha omg i use to be sooooo obsessed with that wen i was a kid and now i have the theme song as my ring to hahah but i never use it.

Answer #42

me too have big bag of yu gi cards,i play it with my big bro and all my relatives and friends,i mean we were playing it.it has been 3 months since we last played,,,we must have a place on funadvise so we can play,,yu gi oh!!!! who you like in yu gi oh,i like kaiba ,joy viller.may be every body

Answer #43

both are ok … but pokemon just doesnt now how to stop with the serise though. its just one after the nother

Answer #44

Exodia :D

Answer #45

I deff don’t like Yugi because of his hairstyle haha. I like Joey. :)

Answer #46

Yugi and Ash are soooo freakin’ hot!

I love Yugi’s deep, hot voice… :] lOl

Answer #47

Lol they’re hot? Oh my :o

Answer #48

Pokemon!!!!! :D

Answer #49

Yu-Gi-Oh! Pokemon was good, but Yu-Gi-Oh definitely was more serious. I still have a few of my cards from an old deck. Kinda sucks that no one even plays Yu-Gi-Oh anymore. I would have definitely pwned like I did back then.

Oh, to Julie, it was around $10 for a pack of 5-6 cards back then(2005). Now, I walk into a store and they sell the packs for like $4. Seems like a rip-of to me, the new cards aren’t even worth my touch.

Answer #50

me too

Answer #51

they still play, they have tourenments

Answer #52

haha thats a good show too

Answer #53

Aww, I wish I could play. D;

Answer #54

Ah so I was right, yes haha. Yeah I don’t like the new stuff either. The old stuff is way better. And lol they may not have tournaments anymore but there’s still the old video games for ds! :D

Answer #55
  • oh wait they do have tournaments, whoops. o.o
Answer #56

Forget the games for DS, they should make a tournament on FA!

Answer #57

There is a new game for the DS it just came out. Its called Yugioh 5d’s tournament 2010. They have tournaments around here, been to a couple… I didnt compete but went anyways.

Answer #58

Haha an FA yugioh section? That’d be weird but cool I guess :) And I would’ve been whooped at tournaments, I’ve gone rusty.

Answer #59

No, do not mistaken that heaping flying piece of bull for a game. Any title of Yu-Gi-Oh that has the words 5D’s or GX is not worthy of being affiliated with Yu-Gi-Oh. YGH is known for the portrayal of the character Yugi Moto, not Jaden whatever.

Answer #60

I know, sometimes you have to adapt. I like the old stuff better too. Which is why I won’t build a deck with synchros and stuff like that. I like mine, plain and simple with old cards. Which I still need one that I lost. :(

Answer #61

Gone rusty, eh? Do not worry, Grandmaster Sasha will teach you the way of the card. The best way to defeat an opponent is to set down a trap card with a Kuriboh face down in defense position. Oh yeah, that’s pure pwnage. I don’t know what exactly it’ll do for you, but just having a Kuriboh on the field is awesome. ;)

Answer #62

Believe in the heart of the cards? :D

Answer #63

Yes! I think the three of us should draw some weird circle thing on our hands with a sharpie and say “Forever!”. That Kuriboh then gets activated and I’ll set down a multiply spell card that make slike a thousand of them. Then I’ll sacrifice them and summon Dark Magician! Oh yeah, that’s right. The big M is gonna pwn you just like in the show! I’m unstoppable, I’m the next Dueling champion! Now all I need is a dueling glove and a duel disc. Julie, you wanna be Marik, the crazy boy who sounds like a girl? Sketcher can be Maximillion Pegasus who has that weird eye that probably sees through peple’s clothes.

Answer #64

Lmao. We sound so nerdy haha! And Marik? I thought I’d be cool enough to be Weevil!

Answer #65

Oh, definitely. You can be the Bug duelist. I can be the main protagonist – Hello Moto. Lol! Pegasus pwns though, his eye can see through people’s clothes. Like some sort of pervert. Wow, that show promoted the exploitation of kids. Like the one season where they get tricked into going into a virtual reality world, and those goons try to get in that room. Just think, what would they have done if they got in? I feel like such a nerd right now.

Answer #66

Pegasus was ugly.. And haha you’re Yugi? Always wonder how he does his hair in the morning. I can’t believe you remember everything, all my memory of the show is fuzzy! :o

Answer #67

Lol, Wow… you know I really wouldn’t want to see through peoples clothes. I could never look anyone in the eye ever again! That is funny though…. I’ll be Joey.

Answer #68

Okay, so Rachael is Joey Wheeler, the arrogant yet funny teenage boy with the HOT sister who’s blind. Julie will be Weevil Underwood, the really creepy Beatles wannabe. I will be Yugi Moto, the sexy, charming, brilliant, talented, amazing – Oh, yeah, protagonist. Ladies, we’ve created the single handedly, most creepiest dueling team in the universe. I swear, I bet even the Pokemon fans fear the three of us. “That’s right! You better fear us! My Thousand Eyes Relinquished will give you all the ‘crazy eye’!”

Answer #69

Crazy eye? Like in the New Guy? And I’m the only one that looks like a creeper! I love how you exaggerate on Yugi’s behalf. ‘sey, charming, brilliant, talented, amazing’.

Answer #70

Lol, at least my sister is Hot! (in my real family though I’m the one with all the looks. :P)

Answer #71

Yeah, like in the New Guy. I’m sorry, but Weevil is like so creepy, I think you twoa re alike. Hahah. I can’t help it if I’m charming, brilliant, and amazing. I think we should team up to defeat the baddy–Team Magma!

Answer #72

I’d just like to sing you a song, Rachael. -Sings- I see you through your window, while I’m standing on a tree outside. Eh? Brilliant and talented, right?

Answer #73

Nope I’d call that Creepy!! :P

Answer #74

oh and I think you have the wrong house.. don’t have a tree outside my window.

Answer #75

Awww, darn. You know what I don’t get? How the players got injured during the duels. Like how can holograms injure you? Radiation sickness?

Answer #76

Maybe it seemed so real the injuries were psychological, and their brain power actual made them appear.

Answer #77

That actually sounds smart, Joey. With that attitude, I think I’ll save your hawt sister. Lol. Where’s Weevil? o_O;

Answer #78

I don’t know, maybe her insects got loose and she is trying to recapture them!

Answer #79

Lol. Since I have nothing better to do today, I think I will spend my day looking at my old deck and talking on here about our team. Not like, I’m saying you and Weevil aren’t interesting or anything. Don’t take it personally Joey. I’m Yugi Moto. :)

Answer #80

Lol… are you really going to get out your old deck?

Answer #81

Yes! I’m gonna look at its amazing awesomeness. Maybe I will find an inner spirit in me and see the cards through my ancient past.

Answer #82

Do the ojama’s annoy you sometimes?

Answer #83

Yes, but it’s okay, Kuriboh is always by meh side. So is my trusty Flame Swordsman and Masaki The Legendary Swordsman. :) I have old school cards.

Answer #84

It is! I finally figured all of it out so I’m proud of myself lol

Answer #85

Wow…..really XD

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